One vote and two results



Last Thursday in Congress, not only a reform of the labor system was voted, but also something much more important: if Pedro Sánchez continued to govern with the majority that took him to La Moncloa, the famous Frankenstein that has produced so much play and comments. The labor reform went ahead in the most bizarre way: with the wrong and disqualified vote of a PP deputy, while the majority of the left that made him president voted against him, for which he had to arrange another where there was everything, from centrists to localists, a new political fauna only interested in their province, seeing themselves neglected by their region and, even more so by Spain. Total, a triumph of fluke and a great ride

less certain, because Ciudadanos, if it does not shipwreck in the elections in Castilla y León, will have to demand that it renounce any concession to the nationalists and forget any favors to the left, when the unions are already saying that they hope to obtain from the Government some of goals not achieved. The previous tensions within him are going to be kindergarten games compared to the ones to come.

Leaving, in addition, the tail to be skinned. I am referring to the anomalies registered in the voting of the Congress of the labor reform. My congratulations go ahead to the two UPN deputies who broke the voting discipline and voted ‘no’ when they had been told ‘yes’. They claim their loyalty is to their voters, who know they don’t want to go with separatists or terrorists, as was the case. The party wants to expel them. The one who would have to expel is the president who so vilely violated the tradition of a good part of the Navarrese people. Apart from the fact that the vote belongs to the voted, not to the party. As for the deputy from Cáceres who voted several times with the opposite result, being denied entry to Congress when he tried to vote in person, I do not know the regulations nor am I a lawyer, but at least he deserved to be heard, or to be allowed to enter. Apart from the fact that Mrs. Batet will have to explain why she announced that the reform had been rejected, to announce shortly after that it had been approved. She said it had been advised by House legal experts. But we didn’t see anyone advise her, just as we didn’t see her ask the congressman for telephone confirmation of her vote on a matter as serious as this. About ‘never failed’, just ‘there is always a first time’. As for Pedro Sánchez, he is still the one who, in the Federal Committee of the PSOE that decided his future, given how badly things were going for him, set up a private vote behind a curtain. Genius and figure. But it will be harder and harder to believe him. Even if the Popular Party continues to make mistakes as it makes mistakes.

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