Partygate photos: Johnson still in the fire

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Boris Johnson is coming under more and more pressure. © Jason Cairnduff/PA Wire/dpa

Members of parliament withdraw their confidence, the finance minister distances himself, an allegedly incriminating photo – and the police are investigating: no respite for the British prime minister.

LONDON – In the “Partygate” affair over lockdown celebrations in Downing Street, another Conservative MP has voiced his distrust in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“To restore confidence we need to change the prime minister,” politician Nick Gibb wrote in a op-ed for the Telegraph. Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine that Johnson is telling the truth. “Telling the truth is important – and nowhere more so than in the House of Commons.”

Johnson apologized for the fact that celebrations took place at the seat of government despite the general corona restrictions. However, he still believes that he has not broken any rules himself. There are serious doubts about that. According to media reports, at least 18 MPs from his own party have now voted no confidence in him, making a vote of no confidence more likely. The police are investigating.

The “Mirror” provided new explosives: The newspaper, citing unnamed sources, reported on a photo available to the police that shows Johnson holding a beer can in his hand and toasting others at a celebration for his birthday in 2020. The conservative head of government repeatedly emphasizes that he was only present at meetings for a short time and in connection with work appointments. An investigation report had attested to those responsible in Downing Street because of the parties leadership failure.

If at least 54 MPs withdraw their support for Johnson, there would be a vote of no confidence. “Partygate” is also causing unrest in the cabinet: Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who is being talked about as a possible successor, distanced himself from Johnson’s attack on opposition leader Keir Starmer, in which the prime minister had used a right-wing conspiracy theory. As a result, according to the Times, other cabinet members accused Sunak of selfish maneuvers or called for his resignation. dpa

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