Pedro Cavadas’ predictions about the effects of the coronavirus vaccine and the end of the use of the mask




Peter Cavadas not only warned of the danger of coronavirus when not a single case of Covid-19 had been detected in Spain and infections had only been reported in China.

In addition, the surgeon, included in the list Forbes of the best doctors, warned of the risks involved in vaccines against coronavirus in the form of secondary effects and the difficulty that the remedy to stop the pandemic reached the entire planet. Again, Peter Cavadas He was criticized by medical colleagues and the media for saying that it would take “several years” for vaccines to become widespread in all countries.

However, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) have ended up agreeing with Peter Cavadas, who was even described as “alarmist” and “spreader of hoaxes”

for warning, first, of the “extreme speed” with which the virus was spread coronavirus, and later for warning about the adverse reactions of some vaccines produced in record time. In fact, the Spanish remedy before the Covid-19 It is still today, two years after the pandemic situation was declared, in the experimentation phase.

Pedro Cavadas was criticized by medical colleagues and the media for his predictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Meanwhile, a large part of the planet’s poor countries, including the African states in which Pedro Cavadas cares for patients without resources through his Foundation, are still waiting to receive the first doses of the vaccine against coronavirus, which is delaying the eradication of the pandemic.

Peter Cavadas He was not only right in his forecasts about the lethality of the coronavirus (he went so far as to say that a pandemic could “decimate the world population” when the death toll was counted on the fingers of one’s hands) and in relation to the reactions of the vaccines.

The Valencian doctor also launched his particular prognosis regarding the mandatory use of the mask as a prevention method against the coronavirus.

Next Tuesday, the Minister council plans to lift the mandatory use of face masks outdoors. However, the mandatory use of masks in closed spaces will remain in force.

Until summer you will have to wear a mask

In this regard, the doctor Peter Cavadas established the deadline of autumn 2022 for the use of the mask to be optional in Spain. Once again, time and epidemiology experts prove him right. In fact, voices as reputable as the director of the Balmis Institute of Vaccines, Francisco Jimenez, or the researcher from the Health and Biomedical Research Foundation of the Valencian Community (Fisabio), Salvador Peiro, agree in pointing out that before the summer it will not be possible to do without the mask in closed places. A prediction that Pedro Cavadas launched in October 2020.

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