Sergio De la Llave Muñoz: Vandalism




Today I am addressing you and you not as a councilor from the Government team, but as Sergio de la Llave, as a Talaveran, as an archaeologist and historian. Today I speak to you from rage and impotence that makes me see how the effort that many colleagues, like me, have made for decades, goes down the drain in less than 24 hours.

I have literally worked my ass off on my hands and knees discovering and valuing remains in Entretorres or the Alcazaba, among others; dreaming of continuing to discover our past through each stone, each wall, each gap that history has left in our city.

That is why it is very frustrating, and it hurts me as a professional, but especially as a Talaveran, to see how uncivil and negligent attitudes can end projects that advance towards a more prosperous city with a future.

I assure you that I have a true passion and devotion for archaeology, it is something that is in my DNA, as well as being able to transfer to each and every one of those around me a piece of that history that enriches the city as a whole.

Quality steps are being taken with projects such as the Leonardo Window, next to the Entretorres site, to rediscover and interpret that hidden past, a unique opportunity that innovation and new technologies give us; something few cities can boast of. For this reason, this gratuitous attack on the Talavera heritage hurts me in the gut, some damage that, let us not forget, we all pay for.

I don’t know if the unscrupulous person or persons, understood as criminals, who have perpetrated this action have been able to sleep well; but I hope these words reach you and at least give you the occasional nightmare to help you reconsider.

The day we inaugurated it, the joy was not because of something he had achieved as a councilor or as part of the government team, but because Talavera had a new tourist incentive for its neighbors and all its visitors, whom he would be proud to be delighted to explain one by oneor that hides behind that watchtower of the Late Middle Ages.

I will continue dreaming and making all the projects that are in my hands come true, because Talavera deserves it, its citizens deserve it; and because I trust in the potential we have. More Leonardo Windows will come, rest assured. I end by calling for responsibility and civility, let’s take care of what is ours, let’s brag about it and sell it to the world. If we, the pros from Talaveran, don’t do it, who is going to come and do it? I have it clear, Talavera always ahead.

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