The disputed vote of Mr. Casero… and that of Baldoví



Until just over forty-eight hours ago, few Spaniards, with the exception of their PP colleagues and a few journalists who are dedicated to reporting on parliamentary activity, knew of the existence of a deputy for Cáceres named Alberto Casero Avila. And that, despite the fact that there had been several public responsibilities in which the Extremaduran deputy has been occupying himself from an early age. Like the Trujillo mayor’s office that he acceded to in 2011 after obtaining more than sixty percent of the votes of his countrymen. And before becoming mayor, he had already been a deputy, the youngest, in the Assembly of Extremadura.

For none of these positions will Casero be remembered tomorrow, and yes for having been the protagonist of the most disputed vote (a telematic yes but not in person) of the current legislature.

The fame of Mr. Cayo, whose disputed vote is the plot of one of the novels made into a film by the remembered Miguel Delibes, will decline in favor of this Casero for very different reasons. He will never again be free from the sanbenito of having saved Pedro Sanchez of a harsh defeat at the time of validating the decree of the labor reform of Yolanda Díaz of Rajoy’s labor reform whose repeal all those who are part of or support the Sánchez government had promised to repeal.

The alternation of the meaning of the home vote (by his surname and the place from which he cast it) and the method used to cast it; the opposition of the president of the Congress to the metepatas being able to correct his blunder; the surprising mutant vote of the Navarrese of UPN; the stunned face of Sánchez and his vice presidents are scenes from a vaudeville that would be the most comical if it did not reflect the miseries of a political class that day by day makes more and more effort to enlarge the alopecia of its ideas; increase the level of citizen tension inside and outside the chambers; work against the good work that should not be anything else to strive for the common good.

Colleagues and columnists speculate that they believe they are at the heart of what happened (and try to write, each pro domo sua), their particular story to accommodate it to their opinion and interest. Pray to condemn the President Batet and his raucous partiality, prays to sink Casero and incidentally Casado, prays to give air to a Sánchez who at times was left without him.

As is usual when there is a scuffle of so many decibels, the left, always well entrenched in the media, attacks the People’s Party whose leadership has been both overwhelmed and surprised by what happened. And what self-confidence that of Adriana Lastra, so erudite she, stepping out to accuse the PP of having bought the vote of the two UPN deputies!

And what about the vote of the only Compromís deputy, Joan Baldoví? What benefits has it managed to extract at a time when the Sánchez government would have been forced to be generous to the point of prevarication and complacent to ensure its vote? Why did he say yes to the reform of a law that the left, all the left including the mendacious Sánchez, had promised to repeal? Why did you not heed the recommendation of the databases? Commitment that they positioned themselves in the no to the reform of the reform of the labor reform while she watched, stunned and disgusted, that her only deputy gave her vote for free et amore to a very needy Pedro Sánchez?

Another opportunity lost by the deputy who proclaims himself Valencian to have taken a good slice, just as they presume that those others do minority groups that they have the president by his parts. What do you give me for my vote? And Sánchez loosens the dough. Baldoví, however, has been paid for with a carantoña from Yolanda Díaz.

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