The five famous nudes that revolutionize the internet



Many are the famous they defy the censorship of Instagram and boast of nudity on their social networks. Some images that become authentic viral phenomena that their fans love. And it is that, at this point there is no doubt that the networks have become the perfect setting where celebrities show us their day to day and share their great moments. But without a doubt, the images that manage to set social networks on fire are nudes.

whether they are full or partial nudity, many are the celebrities who in recent times challenge the rules of Instagram, and decide to share sensual poses without clothes What revolutions to his followers. Therefore, today We bring you a compilation of the nudes that have revolutionized the Internet.

Ester Exposito

We could not start the list with another that was not Instagram’s current queen, Ester Exposito revolutionizes his followers very often with provocative dances and images of the most hot like this, also in black and white and taking a bubble bath.

mario houses

But if we talk about setting the networks on fire, it is impossible not to talk about mario houses. The actor is not only known for being one of the promises of Spanish cinema, but also for his perched on the nets with bare torso that leaves us with our mouths open.

Paco Leon

Paco Leon It could not be missing from our list of the best nudes on social networks. Renowned actor and director is the “king” of the poses without clothes which has earned him the occasional scare and censorship on Instagram. However, the actor has not let censorship prevent him from continuing to upload whatever he wants. and let’s face it her nudes are always a gift, and looking at your body is one of our favorite pastimes.

Blanca Suarez

Blanca Suarez She is one of the most successful and beautiful Spanish actresses on the cinematographic scene in our country. The interpreter is also very active on social networks and each publication she shares receives millions of likes and comments. And not to mention their sensual posed with little or no clothing that sets the networks on fire.

Kim Kardashian

To finish, we could not close this list hot with another that was not the queen of provocation, Kim Kardashian. And it is that, if we talk about nudity and defying the censorship of Instagram, we had to talk without a doubt about the businesswoman. Turned into the queen of provocations, his Instagram account is full of sensual images in a bikini or with outfits provocative that show more than cover, and among those who we found more than one nude.

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