The race between Casado and Ayuso, the coronavirus and Pedro Sánchez “sneak” into the Ninot Exhibition




The Ninot Exhibition The city of Valencia is already covered with satire and art with three weeks to go until the Fallas 2022 begin. The emblematic exhibition of “works of art” returns to the Prince Felipe Museum of the City of Arts and Sciences two years later for the coronavirus pandemic, after an edition in which it was transferred to La Marina for the installation of a mass vaccination point.

Until next March 15, the Arches room of the Science Museum hosts nearly 750 large and children’s dolls who will opt for the pardon of the Fallas world through the vote of the people who visit the exhibition. The exhibition hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and until 9:00 p.m. from Friday to Sunday.

Inaugurated as a “symbol of the return path that the Fallas undertake towards normality”, the exhibition has been adapted to the demands of the health situation, so it will be necessary to maintain the usual security measures such as the use of the mask. The price of tickets to the general public is three euros and 1.5 for children from four to twelve years old, people over 65 years of age or with functional diversity, while the Fallas commissions can attend for free.

Image of a ninot of the leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal
Image of a ninot of the leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal – EP

As tradition marks, the Ninot Exhibition overflows on all its sides and monuments with art and much satire, among which the “teenagers’ race” towards the Moncloa de Pablo Casado and Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the relationship between Pedro Sanchez and the Valencian president Ximo Puig, as well as the pandemic and the vaccination process with Fernando Simón at the helm.

State politics has an important gap in the sample, for example with the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, at the center of criticism. In one of the ninots he is represented as Count Dracula, wrapped in cobwebs and illuminating “the little flag on the right” and, in another case, he collects “hoaxes” in the form of animal excrement.

The “explorer” does not escape humor either toni sang in search of a job after remaining “69 days without messing it up on Twitter” or “one hundred days without changing parties” or mentions of the rise in the price of electricity and fuel.

Ninots by Pablo Casado and Isabel Diaz
Ninots by Pablo Casado and Isabel Díaz – EFE

Likewise, regional and local politics cover a large part of the collection of ninots, among which the usual criticism of the Councilor for Mobility of the Valencia City Council stands out, Giuseppe Grezzi, after the implementation of the Ciutat Vella Residential Priority Area.

An issue has not gone unnoticed by the Fallas artists, who have represented the mayor of Compromís in several of the ‘ninots’, from one of them in which he appears circulating with the mayor Joan Ribó and the flower pots in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to another that reflects «Grezzi’s Urban Design, by els seus collons». Of course, the President of the Generalitat is also represented, Ximo Puig, and his vice president Monica Oltra.

Vaccination and PCR tests

Outside of politics, the pandemic has once again been the star theme at the Ninot Exhibition, with Fernando Simon as the main claim, who asks “to prepare the floats because the seventh wave is coming” or assures that in April 2031 “we will be reaching the peak”.

Image of a ninot representing an «anal PCR»
Image of a ninot performing an “anal PCR” – EFE

Thus, the coronavirus appears represented in the form of a “terrible” virus created by “Farmaléfica”, which is faced by the “Ostracéneca, Modenna, Ficer and Llansen” vaccines, as well as an “anticovid” pistol, and also in the form of “Game of Thrones pandemic”. The “anal” PCR tests also sneak into the Ninot Exhibition.

Social demands also appear, such as feminism and the fight for freedom and against homophobia and sexist violence. Likewise, a wide variety of characters, from the chef Quique Dacosta to the singer Rosalíapassing through the pilots Marc and Alex Marquez or the references to the football clubs of Valencia and Levante.

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