The unexpected script twist that gives the check to Loles León, David Fernández and Los Morancos



The ninth edition of
‘Your face is familiar to me’
continues its journey towards the final. This Friday, February 4, the imitation contest has reached its eleventh gala, in which Eva Soriano He has added his first win. The comedian and presenter has shown her incredible versatility throughout the edition, but, in case there were any doubts, tonight she has also brought out her prodigious booming voice to get into the skin of Natalia Jimenez with his version of ‘Eternal Love’, by Rocio durcal.

What’s more, Agoney has advanced to Nia, taking the lead in the general classification. The canary almost scored his fourth victory thanks to a very special performance with his old teacher and friend, Manu Guix.

The music director of the Academy of ‘Triumph operation’ has accompanied his former student on stage imitating Elton John. Along with Agoney, who has imitated the lead singer of Years & Years, have masterfully performed ‘It´sa sin’.

Thus, after the last movements of the ‘ranking’, the top 3 is still very tight between the two triumphs and Maria Pelae, who fell, like Agoney, in the ‘Bring a friend’ box. Becky G Y Annita It has been the challenge that the malagueña has overcome by far. Of course, for this he has had the unbeatable company of his partner, Alba Reig. «They have messed me up but well», the member of the Sweet California.

Loles or Liza?

However, although he has not won a single gala and even placed penultimate from the bottom, the true star of the ninth edition of ‘Your face is familiar to me’ it is indisputably Loles Leon. The actress is a whirlwind on stage that destroys whatever is thrown at her. Attitude, humor and charisma are qualities that she carries as standard: it doesn’t matter if the button confronts her with the perreo of Pitbullto the elegance of Rocio durcal, to the rebellion of Alaska, or to the sensuality of Sarah Montiel.

On this occasion, the actress had to imitate (no less) than Liza Minnelli. More than that, scoring a big number on a par with the version of ‘Single Ladies’, the great song by Beyoncé that Minnelli played in the second film of ‘Sex in New York’“Why do you do those things to me?” She wondered before becoming “America’s girlfriend.” “Because you are so good that you can do it,” Manel Fuentes clarified.

The presenter, who has been stunned by a detail of the performance, did not miss the shot at all. “This is a historic moment in ‘Your face is familiar to me’, because from the ‘Gangnam style’ of Safe Santiago nobody had ever sung in Korean, and Loles has done it again». TO Charles Later he was especially amazed by the similarity of the interpreter with Liza Minnelli. “This is wonderful”.

He may not have sung spectacularly well, nor pronounced English like Shakespeare, but once again loles lion The funniest show of the gala has been mounted. as you have recognized Angel Llacer, “she is absolutely the same as Liza Minnelli, has the same energy; comes out and fills the stage.

Comedy wins

With which, the unexpected gesture he has had with her and with three other contestants has been well deserved Eva Soriano by winning. “I want to do something that I don’t know if it can be done, but since I haven’t asked, I’m going to do it and that’s it”, the Catalan comedian has proclaimed, generating great expectation on the set. «This program is very cool because there are very talented people who sing and imitate very well. But I think part of this show is the comedy, and the comedy hasn’t won yet.”

For that reason, she wanted to imitate the gesture that Agoney had with her at gala 9, giving the check for 3,000 euros in equal parts between David Fernandez, The Morancos Y loles lion.

excited by the beauty initiative of his companion, the funniest contestants of ‘Your face sounds to me 9’ have been able to donate 1,000 euros to the NGOs chosen by them. Those of the actor have gone to the ASPASIN Foundation, dedicated to the care of people with mental disabilities. The brothers, for their part, have allocated their funds to Trianidad, the charity projects of the Brotherhood of Rocío de Triana. As to loles lion, has chosen APRAM, an association that fights to rescue women from trafficking.

And for next week, ‘Your face is familiar to me’, It is already facing the semifinal of the ninth edition with another gala that promises entertainment through a tube thanks to the swings of the button. David Fernandez will become one of the G-men; The Morancos, in the group Adventure; while loles lion will get under the skin Nana Mouskuri. What’s more, Lydia Bosh it will become in Martha Sanchez; Rasel will bring a friend to transform into Pablo Alboran Y Ava Max; Y Maria Pelae will touch the fiber with Bárbara Pravi. Beyoncé is the challenge that the button has imposed on Nia, while Agoney will do the same with Dnce.

Lastly, the winner of the eleventh gala will also go on stage accompanied by a friend, since chance has assigned Sonya and Selena. For the moment, Angel Llacer He has made a promise to you. “If you bring Manu Guix, you have my 12».

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