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Mobile banking continues to grow in Spain. This is clear from a recent study of Smartme Analytics, a company specialized in data, which shows that the use of finance applications by users increased 17.8% in the fourth quarter compared to the third. An unstoppable advance that also collides with the latest controversy of the guild for financial exclusion.

The Valencian retiree Carlos San Juan started a few weeks ago an internet campaign to collect signatures so that banks guarantee face-to-face and human attention in their offices. In other words, that the older ones are not displaced from the system for not knowing how to use digital media. The initiative has collected hundreds of thousands of signatures and has even managed to get the Government and the Bank of Spain interested in it.

However, every coin has two sides. And the digital trend seems unstoppable in view of the figures. Only in the fourth quarter of 2021 the use of the Mobile banking almost 18% shot up, and 82.2% of digital consumers in Spain use finance applications.

All financial institutions now seek more and more for the user to move to the digital environment. In short, go to the branch only for essentials and learn how to deal with online banking, whether through a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet. And, to all this, the ATMs are added for daily cash operations.

This trend is part of the dynamics of banks closing branches and massive EREs in their workforce. The sector justifies these decisions in digitization and the new habits of the client with the Internet. In fact, it is common for entities to break down the evolution of their digital users in their quarterly presentations of results.

The ranking by applications

Smartme Analytics uses the MPIX Index to measure the use of banking applications, which evaluates variables such as market share, ‘engagement’, time of use or time per session to compare the performance of the different mobile applications, scoring from 0 to 100 each one of them.

BBVA has long been the leader in mobile banking thanks to its commitment to digital, something the bank is proud of whenever it can. And in this latest report, the situation with his leadership has not changed. What he has done is the position of his pursuers.

In the last update of the index, the application of BBVA, with a score of 66.49 out of 100, remains the leader in the classification thanks to the high rating received in the ‘engagement’ variable, which quantifies the link between each entity and its customers. However, he now has a competitor to overshadow him in this ranking.

After the absorption of Bankia by caixabank, whose technological integration was completed in November 2021, Caixabank has managed to almost completely reduce the distance that separates it from BBVA, reaching 65.39 points, thanks to a 48.1% increase in market share in this last quarter .

Thirdly, as detailed in the report, the application of picture, Caixabank’s 100% digital bank for young people, with a score of 57.21. Finally, with the disappearance of Bankia, Banco Santander (50.29 points) e ING Direct (47.42) close the top 5 climbing positions.

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