Arrests at trucker demos against Corona guidelines

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Truck drivers and protesters in Toronto. © Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP/dpa

In Canada, truck drivers should be vaccinated against Covid-19. There have been repeated protests against this and against corona measures in general.

Ottawa – In Canada, arrests have been made during ongoing protests against corona measures and vaccination regulations.

Seven people were taken into custody and more than 50 cases, including allegations of hate crimes, are being investigated, police said in the capital Ottawa on Saturday (local time). According to Police Commissioner Peter Sloly, an estimated 5,000 people took part in the protests. Around 1,000 trucks and other vehicles would have blocked parts of the city center.

The protest in Ottawa began a week ago with the arrival of a convoy of hundreds of trucks. The so-called Freedom Convoy (translated: “Convoy of Freedom”) and demonstrators have been holding out in the city near Parliament ever since. Sloly and other city officials spoke Saturday of a “siege” and a threat to democracy. The police set up barricades. Residents were asked to stay away from downtown.

Demonstrations also took place in other Canadian cities, including Toronto, Calgary, Quebec City and Vancouver, Canadian media reported.

The protests initially focused on vaccination requirements for truck drivers and then on government pandemic restrictions overall. In January, a regulation came into force, according to which truck drivers returning from the USA must also present proof of vaccination.

A majority of the Canadian population supports the pandemic measures, according to a recently published poll. In Canada, more than 77 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. dpa

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