Casado considers that the Government has gone “from a Frankenstein coalition to a Dracula”




The pnational resident of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, lamented this Sunday the “institutional crisis” to which, in his opinion, the Government has led the country with the vote on the labor reform last Thursday. For the popular leader, what happened shows that the national Executive is “in discount time” despite having gone from “a Frankenstein coalition to a Dracula coalition” because “everything that dies infects it.”

At the rally held at the Campos Góticos de Palencia sports center to support the candidacy of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, Casado insisted that the turn given by Sánchez in the parliamentary support sought for the vote on the labor reform will not be enough because the Executive is “Failed, without a future and is in discount time”.

Before the more than 600 people who gathered at the central act of the tenth campaign day of the PP of Castilla y León, Casado lamented in a national key the “institutional crisis” to which the Government has led the country with a vote that described as “symptom of institutional destruction” to which the Executive has led parliamentary politics through a vote where the labor reform “has been the least of it,” reports Ical.

And it is that for Casado the vote meant the verification, in the first place, of “a great failure” of the Executive for approving a norm “with more ‘no’s’ than ‘yes'”, which has confirmed that the reform “is born dead and delegitimized”. In addition, he has stated that the vote leads Sánchez to “be condemned to the ‘Frankenstein’ route and tied to his creature”, given the failure of his “turn towards the center.

“It has twisted national sovereignty”

For Pablo Casado, with the vote on the labor reform, the Government “has twisted national sovereignty” through an action by which he confirmed that his party will go “to the end and to the Constitutional Court” to claim a “possible prevarication” of the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, for acting “at the mandate of Sánchez” to confirm the vote in favor of the labor reform.

The national president of the PP also had words about the presence of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the former President of the Executive José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, this Sunday in León, whom he has defined as “the Duke of the Falcon and the commission agent of Maduro” compared to the Duke of Lancaster who “came up against the walls and women of Palencia” in the past.

“These two political luminaries have the record of having achieved the greatest ruin for Spain in two historical moments”, he pointed out in relation to the economic crisis of 2008, where “Zapatero destroyed three million jobs, lowered the salary of civil servants, pensions and billions of euros from dependency policy”, while Sánchez “will have to cut welfare policy with the greatest blow in the history of democracy if he continues with this ruinous policy”.

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