Ear Festival in Recas




An utrero with bull rennet opened the afternoon. Slouch but with presence, El Fandi greeted him gracefully, just as he led him to the horse. Tight chicuelinas in the remove, before a showy third of banderillas. Palla’s came just to the crutch, so El Fandi worked at half height for both pythons and delighted the respectable before walking the double trophy.

Sergio Serrano In second place, he raffled an animal of noble condition that always looked at the exit. Good and fitting capotero greeting before a job of taste and power that he offered to the recently retired Nacho Torrejón. He imposed himself on a ripped animal and took what he had from him by the line of boards, losing the triumph with the sword

The third came out briskly and Lopez Simon It was very varied with the cape. Both in the receipt and in the remove, which he fastened with a pretty lantern. He toasted the honorable man and began the mess on his knees. A task that took flight based on a good stroke and low hand, mainly through the right piton, where a very solvent and skilled bullfighter was seen who took advantage of the benefits of a noble animal. Sword and two ears of law

john leal It was all honor. The crutch task began with a change from behind in the media. Bullfighting close and tight that resulted in an ugly somersault. The utrero threw him into the air and he fell in an ugly way with his neck. He seemed somewhat dazed from the blow, which was not an impediment to pass him off with a great lunge and sign a good job that earned him the double trophy.

The fifth was the least defined output. Alvaro Lawrence he couldn’t like himself with the cape and with the crutch he had to take precautions until the animal broke forward. Elegant as usual, Lorenzo tried to wear it long despite the blandness of the attacks. He passed it with half a thrust and walked two ears.

The one who closed the celebration was too soon afflicted on the crutch. Despite this, the bullfighter Jorge Molina He left a great image taking advantage of the attacks of the animal. Long changes of knees and close-fitting bullfighting with a long stroke by Torrijos who took advantage of the proximity to the end of the task to extract the last attacks. Despite the sword, he cocked two ears.

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