El Juli changes the spears for reeds in La México




Julián López ‘El Juli’ was able to change the spears for canes in Plaza México, which celebrated its 76th anniversary on Saturday.

From the tremendous booing that should have been heard to Spain, to the delirium of the cry of “bullfighter, bullfighter!” that the Madrilenian obtained again after slaughtering a gift bull that Luis Manuel Lozano obtained with such professional avidity.

On this occasion he had a place, because El Juli was the center of attention on the poster, because the public wanted to see him succeed and not having achieved it with his two bulls, he became disenchanted; To make matters worse, punctures and pithing appeared generously and even two warnings that heralded a disaster that the horned man from Madrid would go alive.

And that announcement of the gift helped Miguel Aguilar, his alternative godson yesterday, find a suitable environment that, with talent, took advantage of the hydro-warm weather to carry out a task that moved the fans because it had quality and also moments of dedication, variety and a lot of courage, because the young man was not going to miss the opportunity to achieve an unforgettable triumph on the day of his alternative, in the largest square in the world and with two figures at his side.

So when he was out to kill and left a stomp, they immediately gave him the trophies that led him to leave the Monumental de Insurgentes for the first time.

After that undeniable triumph came the gift of Julián, one of those works of emotion, power, bullfighting, very common in the Madrilenian who ran into a brave and very emotional bull, which he knew how to understand and subdue. For this reason, the public turned to him as it had not happened for a long time.

If it hadn’t been for the sword, the Spanish master would have cut two heavy ears, and who says not the tail, because the fans would really have asked for it.

Everything was left in a sonorous exit to the third with which Julián said goodbye to Mexico hoping to return soon, to Aguascalientes, probably.

Octavio García ‘El Payo’ was the other winner of the bullfight. He cut off one of his second’s ears, but in his two, the man from Queretaro was firm, delivered, with courage and when his bulls left him, rarely, very tempered. There were those who protested his ear, but they were the least and those who really did not want to know how well Payo was.

The minute of applause that was given to the memory of Alberto Baillères, rancher, businessman and philanthropist who passed away last Wednesday leaving a legacy of passion and dedication to the party, was moving.

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