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They recover lifeless the body of the child Rayan, who fell 5 days ago into a well in Morocco

Tragic outcome to the race against the clock undertaken by the rescue teams in Morocco to retrieve Rayan’s body, the 5-year-old Moroccan boy, from the bottom of a 32-meter-deep well in which he was trapped since last Tuesday. Around ten o’clock at night, His Majesty King Mohamed VI called the boy’s parents to tell them the fatal news: the rescue teams had recovered little Rayan’s lifeless body.

Two young people stabbed to death: at the door of the Kapital nightclub and in a park in Usera

After a few previous days with various attacks with a knife in different parts of the city, Saturday night turned black last night with the death of a minor under 15 years of age, at the gates of the busy Kapital nightclub, on Atocha street , and a 25-year-old man on Calle San Mario, in Usera. Both victims, by stab.

Coronavirus Valencia today: this is how the restrictions remain and the use of the mask outdoors until March

Violence in football: pitched battle in Vigo between Celta and Rayo ultras

The preview of the League match played this Saturday by Celta and Rayo Vallecano at the Balaídos stadium it has been overshadowed by a pitched battle between fans of radicals from both teams, as can be seen in several videos posted on social networks (the images may offend readers’ sensibilities).

The despair of persistent Covid: “Life is paralyzing me, I don’t know when I’ll go back to work”

“The persistent covid life is paralyzing me, I wish I knew when I’m going to be able to return to work. Ingrid Robles has lived with symptoms since she was infected for the first time in March 2020. Since then she has been infected three times, the last one last Christmas. Your life depends on how you get up in the morning. «There is no remission as in other diseases, since the symptomatology changes continually. One day you’re perfectly fine and three days later you can’t even get up for a glass of water,” says Robles. She defines that feeling as if someone “turned off her battery”.

Headless skeletons discovered in a Roman cemetery in England

British archaeologists who have excavated a roman cemetery late in Buckinghamshire (England, United Kingdom) with around 425 burials, several skeletons have been discovered beheaded, with the head placed between the legs or next to the feet. It is about 10% of those buried there. Experts believe they could be the remains of criminals or outcasts, although they indicate beheading is known elsewhere and appears to have been a normal, if marginal, burial rite during the late Roman period.

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