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Synodal Path for Gay Equality. According to a paper approved by a clear majority, no person should be denied priestly ordination because they are homosexual. Church service law is also to be relaxed for divorced people. It is becoming more difficult for Rome to continue to ignore concrete proposals from bishops and lay people. Go to Article

Scholz promises reinforcements of German troops in the Baltic States. Otherwise, the Chancellor remains cautious before his inaugural visit to US President Biden in Washington. He continues to refuse arms deliveries to Ukraine. Go to Article

The West faces a strategic choice. The world is trying to understand what Putin’s intentions are. But what are our intentions? Do we want a Europe whose states live freely and self-determinedly? Or one that allows the great powers to rule over them? To the guest article by Timothy Garton Ash (SZ Pus)

Olympic Winter Games: Luger Ludwig wins first German gold medal in Beijing. The 35-year-old Thuringian wins after four races ahead of Austria’s Wolfgang Kindl and Dominik Fischnaller from Italy. Record world champion Felix Loch just missed the podium. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Federal Cross of Merit for 25 members of the Bundestag. A spokesman for the Bundestag told the SZ that “about 30 members of the German Bundestag were honored” in each election period. It is “practice that the fractions are always taken into account according to the strength ratio”. In the past legislative period, the Union parliamentary group had twelve votes, the SPD parliamentary group seven times. Four medals went to FDP politicians, two to the Greens. No one was honored by the left and by the AfD. Go to Article

Elizabeth II desires the title of Queen for Camilla. The British Queen reigns for 70 years. This will not be celebrated until June – but on the anniversary of her accession to the throne, the queen still has a surprise in store for her people. According to experts, Camilla – still known today by her official title as the Duchess of Cornwall – would have become the legal queen anyway. Unless a corresponding change in the law were introduced to prevent that. Go to Article

“World” apologizes for “bad mistake”. It’s about an opinion piece for the world on Sunday world– Editor-in-Chief Ulf Poschardt with the headline “Faeser should explain itself quickly – and clearly differentiate”. In an earlier digital version on, it said that “reputable Bundeswehr officers like Marcel Bohnert” had to be put in the left corner “by super Holocaust survivors and their PR departments on ARD”. In the currently available version of the text as well as in the print edition, on the other hand, there is talk of “super-left activists and their PR departments”. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

The most important thing about the corona virus

RKI: Incidence for the first time at more than 1400. The previous day the value was 1388. While it is still being discussed in Germany, compulsory corona vaccination is now in force in Austria. Go to Article

Wieler is just the scapegoat. The dispute over the RKI boss shows that the coalition parties cannot be satisfied with their pandemic policy. The FDP in particular sees a need to improve its balance sheet. To the article (SZ Plus)

Painting from the intensive care unit. Simon Surjasentana is a nurse and art student. His motive is his job. About someone who captures everyday pandemic life on canvas. Go to Article

That interested a lot of people today

Pence disagrees: “Trump is wrong.” As Vice President, he served Donald Trump for four years. Now, for the first time, Pence is commenting on the events of January 6, 2021, definitely breaking with the ex-president and calling him “un-American.” Go to Article

lucky. When a woman comes home in Hagen, she is already expected: by a wild boar. Later the animal makes itself comfortable on the sofa. The police can help – and advise caution. Go to Article

“I never had the plan to retire as a politician.” Former SPD Foreign Minister Heiko Maas talks about the art of quitting, the West’s Afghanistan debacle, his small escapes from office and how he occasionally escaped from his security officers. To the interview (SZ Plus)

Last but not least

Closed pliers. Whether Schwalbe scooters or the S51 moped – the products of the Simson company from Suhl made people mobile in the GDR for decades. And they continue to fascinate to this day. Why actually? Go to Article

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