Parque Calero, a powder keg for gangs a stone’s throw from the police station




In the heart of the Concepción neighborhood (Ciudad Lineal district) there is a path a long park with diverse attractions for the use and enjoyment of the neighbors: an auditorium converted into a summer cinema with the arrival of good temperatures, five children’s areas, a dog enclosure, a calisthenics area and even a small climbing wall. The large green space is also located one block from the district’s National Police Station, very close to the Ventas market. So far, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, but for some time now there have been several altercations that have turned Calero Park into a hotbed of gangs. The last one, without going any further, took place on Friday night.

Around 10 pm, a 22-year-old man was stabbed during a brawl involving a total of eighteen people. The shock was uneven fourteen against four, so everything indicates that it is an ambush. The toilets of the Samur-Civil Protection treated one of those involved, from the minority group, suffering from several injuries, the most serious being a penetrating one in the left hemithorax that required the placement of a chest tube. After being stabilized, he was taken with prior notice to the Gregorio Marañón hospital in serious condition. There he is detained when a previous search and arrest warrant weighed on him. The National Body is now trying to clarify the causes and locate the aggressors.

Precisely, in September 2020, a police officer was injured next to the same park after being attacked by seven gang members. Two agents observed the suspicious attitude of a group of twelve young people, who ran away as soon as they saw them. All managed to escape except one, who resisted the search and subsequent identification. It was then that seven friends of the arrested man, of Latin origin, cornered the uniformed men and they beat one of them in the back with a blunt object, causing an incised-contusive wound to the head and a cervical contusion, among other injuries.

Thanks to the arrival of another callsign, two members of the Latin band Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) They were arrested: the young man held at first, who in the short transfer to the police station caused numerous damages to the car; and a second who threatened the agents and spat on them while claiming to be infected with Covid.

A year earlier, Calero Park was the setting chosen for a “meeting” between DDP and Trinitarios, to settle scores after two previous attacks as a sign of revenge. Although it was not finally held, the green lung of the La Concepción neighborhood has become in a regular meeting place of these violent youths.

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