Pope laments “culture of indifference” in dealing with refugees

For the first time, the Pope appeared as an exclusive guest on the talk show “Che tempo che fa” (“As the times are”) broadcast by RAI 3. Pope Francis tuned in live from his Vatican residence in Santa Marta on Sunday and answered questions from moderator Fabio Fazio. He sat in his office in the Santa Marta guest house. The pope lamented the “culture of indifference” in dealing with the refugee issue.

War “Contradiction of Creation”

Refugees are victims of wars for which no solutions have been found for years. The Holy Father cited the war in Yemen as an example. “With a year without arms production, you could feed the whole world,” said the Pope. Francis described war as a “contradiction of creation”. “War always means destruction,” declared the Holy Father.

Dealing with migrants “criminal”

Today’s handling of migrants is “criminal”. The Pope denounced the “smugglers’ camps” in Libya. There are video recordings of the living conditions of migrants in this country. The Pope highlighted the risks migrants took on sea voyages. Many of them would die at sea. “Each country should announce how many migrants it can take in. It’s a question of politics. That’s how you can ensure balance. Now there’s injustice because migrants all end up in Italy and Spain. Migrants always have to be welcomed, accompanied and integrated ‘ the Pope continued.

Mediterranean “largest cemetery in Europe”

Many countries are dependent on integrated migrants because of demographic decline. Therefore, migration policy must be regulated at continental level. “The Mediterranean is now the largest cemetery in Europe and that is pure realism,” Francis said.

When asked how the pontiff himself bears the burden of his high office, which involves a great deal of responsibility, the pope replied that he takes suffering as an example. “Like many other people, I bear the burdens. In any case, there are many people who help me, the bishops, the Vatican employees,” postulated Francis.


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