Six years of hell to put behind bars the psychologist who hypnotized and abused his daughters




«I work as a psychotherapist and clinical and legal psychologist. I have my private practice in Ciudad Real and, exceptionally, I can also go home. This is what can still be read on Pedro Julio Merino Cejudo’s LinkedIn profile. There was a time when this psychology professional had a reputation. The local media had him as a collaborator and the administration counted on him to give talks in libraries and schools for young people. Now, a Supreme Court ruling has sentenced him to 17 and a half years in prison for child abuse. “Sometimes, although Justice is slow, it is also fair,” says the representative of the families, Concepción Marín.

Two families put all their trust in him to treat behavioral disorders in two of their daughters, but it was the beginning of a nightmare.

Between May and July 2016, the two adolescents who were then 11 and 12 years old were taken to the psychotherapist’s office by their parents to address a problem of attention deficit. Both were victims of sexual abuse by Merino Cejudo. When he was alone with the minors in the consultation, he used a hypnotic therapy, of which he did not inform the parents, and he would lay them on the stretcher to kiss them and touch their breasts and genitals. There is another girl who also went through the same experience and whose family denounced the events.

Almost six years after all this, “justice has finally been done,” says the lawyer. The young women are still undergoing psychological and psychiatric treatment, and were even admitted for a time to the Children’s Mental Health Hospitalization Unit of the Royal City Hospital. “Now there is a little relief, but one cannot turn the page on sexual abuse even if justice is done,” Marín concludes emphatically.

all this time they have met the psychologist on some occasion on the street, since he was released with precautionary measures and a restraining order. “They told me they didn’t know how they were going to react and they called me every few minutes to ask me how the judicial process was going and, although they were patient, nerves often got the better of them,” recalls the lawyer.

Something that is corroborated by one of the mothers of the victims, the oldest of them, who was 12 years old when the events occurred and is now about to turn 18. Her mother tells ABC that her daughter “was on the verge of suicide, but Thank God, based on a lot of tenacity and a lot of therapy, going to get ahead». Of course, it has been and is an “obstacle race” in which they have had to put themselves back in the hands of psychology professionals, who at first had to be women because, as she acknowledges, her daughter mistrusted men.

The strong smell of the men’s cologne immediately alerts the other of the victims, who was 11 years old when she suffered sexual abuse and will be 17 in March. “Due to the psychological consequences, she has thrown herself without going outside for years and has had several anxiety and panic attacks at school, “says her mother, who even goes so far as to say that the girl refused to be alone with her grandfather.

Merino Cejudo’s sessions always took place in the same way, and began with a joint interview between the mother and the daughter, after which the convicted person was left alone with the minor in the consultation. It was at that moment when used hypnotic therapy and committed abuse.

At the end of the session, as reported at the time by the Prosecutor’s Office, the psychologist ordered the girls to keep what happened in his office a secret and not to tell their parents, even giving them gifts to convince them, such as a keyboard or a visit to an animal recovery center.


Ignoring their warnings, the minors told their parents what had happened and it was then that a long judicial process began that has just ended now with the Supreme Court ruling. It was last Friday when the families’ lawyer received notification of the same and, although it was already eleven at night, he did not hesitate to call to give them the good news.

The crying broke out in the houses of some families that, after almost six years of suffering, they can breathe a sigh of relief, despite the psychological consequences that these events left on the two young women. It only remains to hope that the judgment of the High Court will be executed shortly.

“This is the closest thing to hell that we have lived”, express both parents, who believe that “there is no greater harm that a father can suffer than the suffering of a son”. Even so, they do not ask for revenge because, as they say, “that feeling poisons us all and we do not want our daughters to grow up hating, but justice is necessary to try to close wounds.” What they do emphasize is the awareness of society: «It is very important to educate children so that they speak without fear with their parents and tell them about any experience of this type or others so that monsters like this do not come out unpunished».

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