“We have to be humble, we can’t stick out our chests”




Xavi Hernández was satisfied after the victory but was cautious after the euphoria unleashed in the environment. The technician hopes that now this is the scale in which to measure himself. “We were looking for superiority. It was a very complete match for the team and we needed it. Barcelona needed a victory like this. We have won a big, earning well and it can be a turning point thinking about the future, “he reflected. However, he wanted to keep his feet on the ground: «It could be a turning point but we must be humble. There are three points against the current League champions but we must continue working. It has been difficult, we have started losing and we have had to trace. We have done 60 very good minutes.

We are in the Champions position but we don’t have to stop, we can’t get our chests out.”

Xavi also explained the reasons why he does not agree in the way of seeing football in Simeone. “He is antagonistic to what we seek. That’s why we don’t hit it off. He understands football in a different way and it is not a pique or a puya. There are 200,000 ways to play soccer. To him if they don’t shoot him or get him it’s comfortable And if I don’t have the ball, I have a hard time and I’m sweating on the wing. That’s why we don’t hit it off. Cholo is a great coach to play what he wants to play. I have enormous respect for him, but no congeniamos in what we want on the pitch. It is a reality and has been seen on the pitch for sixty minutes, “he justified. The coach did not want to value the work of Gil Manzano, who expelled Dani Alves and his brother. «There is a dynamic that there are fouls that are not called and if there are fouls they should be called. One thing is a charge and another is a foul like a cathedral, but I don’t want to say anything about the referee, it’s a general trend there is.”

On behalf of Atlético, the first to assess the match was Savic, who did not put any buts to the defeat and was resounding. “We wait to lose to start playing,” he released. The mattress maker added that “the feelings are bad, but there are many leagues left ». And he pointed out: «Now we cannot change anything, just work. It is true that the numbers are not good, but we must continue. Savic made it clear that “if we want to be in the Champions League we have to change». The footballer did not want to beat himself up: «Soccer is like that, sometimes you work and things don’t work out. If you don’t insist, things don’t work out. Have to work”.

Diego Pablo Simeone lamented the result of the match. «We have not changed many footballers except Trippier, who unfortunately has left. Savic and Giménez played today and they put us four. It only remains to work. Facing this week and pressing until the end, “he explained after assuring that he did not believe that Barcelona had submitted him. The coach, yes, celebrated the character shown by the team at the end of the game: «woke up the characterter after their fourth goal there is a reaction from the team, stronger, more aggressive. The same thing that happened against Valencia. I am the one responsible for generating that rebellious character for longer. And they asked him about Barça’s football level: «I measure the matches by the occasions. They had four and scored three in the first half. Four of us got one. If we win 0-1 they would tell us how good. Football, different ways to prevail and today the forcefulness of Barça prevailed ».

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