Arrogance and rigidity are the greatest dangers of the Catholic Church

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Pope Francis © Andrew Medichini/AP/dpa

For Pope Francis, hubris and rejection of change are the greatest dangers facing his Catholic Church.

ROME – For Pope Francis, the arrogance and rejection of change are the greatest dangers of his Catholic Church. The pontiff said this in an interview on Italian television on Sunday evening. “The greatest evil of the church is the spiritual mundaneness, a mundane church,” said the 85-year-old. This leads to clericalism, i.e. an exaggeration and revaluation of the clergy and superiors in the church compared to the laity. “Clericalism is the perversion of the Church,” stressed the pontiff. It leads to a rigidity and deadlock in the church, “and under every kind of rigidity rot thrives,” he said.

The Argentine wants to involve lay people and ordinary believers much more in his church. This is a central point of the great world synod with which Francis wants to make the Catholic Church fit for the future over the next few years. The focus should be on charity and the other virtues of the Bible. What should not happen is “that an ideology takes the place of the gospel,” said Francis in the exclusive conversation for which he was connected to the TV studio from the Vatican. (dpa)

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