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Stop all the ideological heck and free Barcelona from the rubble

Charles of England was emphatic about the architecture and urban planning of London in the eighties: «Something must be conceded to the Luftwaffe: by destroying our buildings at least they did not replace them with something worse than rubble…». There are decades in which one is not at all and in that torpor/stagnation the kidnapped Barcelona takes a nap from both sides of Plaza San Jaime.

“Du coté de chez Generalitat”, said in the manner of Proust, the government that encourages disobedience (linguistic, parliamentary, institutional or whatever). Aragonès is fighting with the Aragonese to monopolize the Winter Games as if there were no snow or Pyrenees in Aragon. Meanwhile, the fiscal hell and legal insecurity continue to drive away companies (we are going for 7,700).

«Du coté de chez Colau», the decrease: be it in the automotive industry – councilor Janet Sanz celebrating the closure of Nissan -, the frustrated expansion of the airport, the veto of the Hermitage.

“Barcelona doesn’t need franchises!” Colau and Sanz chirp, a chorus: they must believe that the franchise comes from Franco. “The Hermitage is leaving, culture remains,” tweets, boastful, the also mayor Jordi Martí. That culture stays… Or that Colau’s Barcelona was Ptolemy’s Alexandria. The ’boutade’ was referring, to suppose, to the Liceo Mar project or to the acquisition of the Teatro Principal and the vacant lot that Martínez Soria used to be (the Arnau will fall on its own).

Until the now minister Subirats did not give a bit of polish to the cultural agenda -we say polish, not substance- associating commons and Culture was an oxymoron. Let’s remember the façade appeal, by the mayor, to the poor Admiral Cervera, who died in 1909 and was banished from the street by the comedian Rubianes; or the “execution” of Macià instead of his death on December 25; or the clumsy plate of Ana María Matute as «writer and academic» (sic). We imagine the comment that the author of ‘Little theater’ would dedicate to these politically correct prophets who purge stories of violent or sexist content (as if our pubescents didn’t gobble up their toxic ration of video games).

In 2016 the journalist Joaquim Roglan explained in his essential chronicle ‘Excelentísima activista’ (Peninsula), how the current mayor went from a failed sitcom actress to Jordi Borja’s Observatory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Barcelona (DESC): « Ada Colau, her partner and like-minded people and friends that she hires at the City Council come from that Observatory subsidized by the City Council itself long before she became mayor, ”said Roglan. As bodyguard of the ‘excellent activist’, Gerardo Pisarello, Jaume Asens, Gala Pin, Vanesa Valiño and Águeda Bañón.

Regarding the adjudications to the DESC Observatory, the PAH (Platform of People Affected by Mortgages), Engineers without Borders (ISF) and the Alliance against Energy Poverty (APE) will declare Colau on March 4 as being investigated for alleged crimes of prevarication, fraud in hiring, embezzlement of public funds, influence peddling and prohibited negotiations.

Among the programs of these entities that we Barcelonans pay, the 73,500 euros to “promote sustainable development through the women of Inhambane (Mozambique)” or the 80,000 to “empower the associative fabric to improve the quality of life in Maputo”, both through Engineers Without Borders (ISF). The DESC Observatory will receive 34,934 euros for its program “More coherent policies: let’s rethink mobility with global justice”.

Let’s rethink what Barcelona has stopped in this black six-year term. We encourage Martí to expand his tweeting repertoire. Nissan leaves and unemployment remains; the intercontinental airport leaves and the province stays; The European Medicines Agency is leaving (due to separatist agitation and community ineptitude) and irrelevance remains. Barcelona went from being the capital of reference in the pandemic to this dark city of shops and plated hotels.

With only 156,495 votes (10 councilors) Colau is doing a lot of damage. As much as degrading the Ensanche to a chaotic archipelago of superblocks. And without participatory process! Òscar Tusquets and José Antonio Acebillo warned about it, the Círculo de Economía and now Fomento and the RACC denounced it. If Barcelona becomes Comanche territory for mobility, turnover will fall by 20 percent and 25,000 jobs will be lost. With the diversion of traffic, some roads will be lightened and others will be overloaded: traffic jams of fifteen kilometers at rush hour will increase by almost twenty in 2023 with the first superblock, says the RACC.

While Colau perseveres in his divisive populism, Jaume Collboni (PSC) continues without marking his own profile before a municipal countdown; to continue clinging to the coalition, the PSC will be an accomplice of a serious responsibility: to dismember the Cerdà Plan.

Have to work. Forge alliances with the opposition to alleviate, with day-to-day management and an alternative majority, so much disaster. Stop all ideological heck and free Barcelona from the rubble.

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