Bavaria relaxes corona regulations and suspends compulsory vaccination

Despite the increasing number of new corona infections, Bavaria is on course to relax. The curfew in gastronomy falls, more spectators are allowed in sports and culture, and the regulations for hairdressers and other body-related service providers are also relaxed.

“The burden on hospitals and the health system is no longer threatened,” said Söder on Monday after a meeting of the CSU board of directors. It is important to “find the door through the corona wall”.

In addition, the obligation to vaccinate in the healthcare system is to be suspended. This is not a suitable way to break the current omicron wave, but it can create significant problems if unvaccinated nurses quit, said Söder. “That’s why we will apply the most generous transitional regulations in enforcement.” This amounts to de facto “a suspension of enforcement”. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek is currently working on details.

2G in the gastro remains

The institution-related vaccination requirement in the healthcare system should apply from mid-March. Criticism of compulsory vaccinations in hospitals and nursing homes has been repeatedly voiced recently. However, Söder confirms that he is in principle in favor of compulsory vaccination.

There is currently a curfew of 10 p.m. for restaurants in Bavaria. This should be repealed, but the 2G regulation will be retained. In the future, significantly more seats should be allowed to be occupied at sporting and cultural events – in the cultural sector the upper limit should be increased to 75 percent, in sports stadiums to 50 percent or 15,000 spectators. Bavaria had raised the upper limit to 10,000 just ten days ago. The experiences have been positive, said Söder. In both cases, a 2G Plus regulation with a mask applies – that is “very, very adequate protection”.

In addition, hairdressers, nail salons or other body-related service providers should in future only be allowed to serve customers with a negative corona test. Söder announced that a 3G regulation would be sufficient here. In retail, the 2G regulation was recently overturned by a court.

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