Complaint of the Prosecutor’s Office against the mayor of Calella for prevarication and embezzlement




The Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint against the Mayor of Calella (Barcelona), Montserrat Candini
(PDECat), for alleged crimes of Embezzlement, prevarication and forgery of commercial documents for possible irregularities in the award of a contract to evaluate a campaign to promote tourism in the municipality. And it is that the City Council paid the sum of 15,000 euros for a report that was prepared in an hour and a half.

In addition, the mayor awarded the audit of the aforementioned campaign, “És Calella”, to the same group of companies that designed it. Now, the investigation of the Central Unit of Anti-corruption of the Mossos d’Esquadra concludes that the procedure is criminal in nature.

It was in July 2020, when the plenary session of the consistory, at the proposal of Candini, approved the award of the advertising campaign to a Carles FE company

-against whom the Prosecutor’s Office has also sued-. Being a minor contract -below 15,000 euros-, it was awarded without the concurrence of other merchants.

Fractionation of contracts

But Mar PR and Marta CR, two workers in the communication area of ​​the City Council, not as labor personnel but “chaining minor contracts”, were also paid by Carles FE According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the mayor first broke the law, fragmenting contracts to cover the permanent needs of the consistory, and then by agreeing with the employer so that both invoiced the overtime hours performed at the City Council to the latter’s company, despite the fact that “they had never performed services” for him.

Mar issued two invoices amounting to 1,590 euros each, as did Marta. Amounts that, according to the Public Ministry, Carles FE paid at the request of Candini. To compensate for the payment, the City Council agreed, at the mayor’s proposal, to award the company another smaller contract -15,000 euros-: that of the evaluation of the tourist campaign, which in turn had drawn up another commercial one that the same entrepreneur was sole administrator.

An assignment despite the fact that the aforementioned company lacks the necessary infrastructure to carry it out. Moreover, its fiscal domicile coincides with that of its administrator, Carles FE, who does not even have “own workers.”

Four days after the order, the businessman issued an invoice to the City Council, which was paid with the approval of Candini without any record that it had been made. The report delivered a posteriori contains consultations on the impacts of the tourist campaign “of very low technical complexity and does not require more than one day of work despite its high cost, even higher than that of the development of the advertising campaign». In other words, 15,000 euros were paid for a document that was prepared in an hour and a half.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office concludes, it was prepared by the same company that designed the campaign to be evaluated. For all these reasons, the Public Ministry has filed a complaint not only against the mayor, but also against Carles FE, Mar and Marta, considering that they have incurred in alleged crimes of embezzlement, prevarication and forgery of commercial documents. The case is investigated by Court of Instruction 4 of Arenys de Mar.

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