Esther López’s body shows signs of violence compatible with “trauma” and was transferred




Still awaiting the definitive conclusion of the autopsy, the first forensic analysis of the body of Esther López, the young woman found dead last Saturday, February 5, in the Valladolid municipality of Traspinedo after 23 days missing, it does show signs of violence and could be transferred to the place where it was located the previous hours. As revealed to
‘The North of Castile’
sources of the investigation, the first study places his death around the day of his disappearance, the early morning of January 13 and the body shows, according to the first indications, signs of violence compatible with “traumatisms” suffered before his death.

Predictably, the autopsy will last another day, until this Tuesday, in order to confirm with certainty the ultimate cause of Esther López’s death.

What has been deduced from this first analysis is thathe body of the young woman could be transferred to the place where it was found the hours before its location, on Saturday morning, by a «walker». It is one of the hypotheses that have always been considered, since his body was found “within the radius” of the raids and the search operation. Likewise, the corpse was found “on the surface” and “in sight”. Already on Saturday, Colonel Miguel Recio admitted that it was “very unlikely, although not impossible” that the deceased would not have been detected if she had remained there from the beginning.

Chronology of the case of Esther López

Sources of the investigation emphasize in this sense that the scene where it was found, a ditch located a few meters from the main road that connects the N-122 with the urban area of ​​the municipality, it doesn’t look like the death and they point out, as revealed by the aforementioned newspaper, that with “a high probability” it could be “preserved” in another place, transferred and left there.

Yesterday, Sunday, on her Twitter profile, the Government delegate on Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, took for granted the “violent death” of the young woman from Valladolid. Likewise, Pedro Sánchez assured, during a campaign event in León, that the State Security Forces and Bodies “work so that this crime don’t go unpunished and so that those who have perpetrated it end up where they have to end”. This very morning the president of the Valladolid Provincial Council and provincial president of the Popular Party, Conrado Íscar, has asked for caution and to avoid “precipitation” when drawing conclusions: “We must let the State Security Forces work so that clarify what has been the cause of Esther’s death, “he insisted.

In this line, the father of the deceased girl, Miguel López, also stated in a statement, who considered that it is time for the investigators and the Justice “to do their job” and for him to meet with his family to say goodbye to Esther ” in privacy.”

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