Survey swatter for Scholz: Traffic light now under 50 percent

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According to the “Sunday trend”, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is losing popular approval with his work. © JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP

The upward trend for the Union solidifies. In a new survey, 46 percent of those surveyed are dissatisfied with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’ performance – not only in the Corona crisis.

Berlin – In the new “Sunday trend” by Insa, the CDU/CSU is ahead of the SPD for the first time since August 2021. In the survey, which the opinion research institute weekly for the Picture on Sunday (BamS) rises, the sister parties come in the first week of February 2022 to 27 percent. That is 3 percentage points more than in the previous week.

The Social Democrats, which includes Chancellor Olaf Scholz, lose 4 percentage points and slip to 22 percent. For the remaining parties it looks like this:

  • Greens (16 percent) and FDP (11 percent) keep their values ​​​​from the previous week.
  • The AfD remains at 11 percent.
  • The left also remains at 6 percent.

Poll: Traffic light coalition defeated by Jamaica coalition

The traffic light coalition would only come to 49 percent, a Jamaica alliance of Union, FDP and Greens to 54 percent. According to the report, the reason for the poor poll numbers is clear dissatisfaction with the work of the traffic light government and Chancellor Scholz. 46 percent of those questioned stated that they were dissatisfied with their work, only 32 percent said they were satisfied.

65 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that Scholz is not acting decisively enough in the corona pandemic and the Ukraine crisis. 56 percent are dissatisfied with the work of the traffic light and only 30 percent are satisfied. For the Insa survey, 1202 people were interviewed between February 1st and 4th.

Survey: Scholz loses approval in Ukraine crisis

At the beginning of his term in mid-December, 36 percent were satisfied with Scholz’s work and 22 percent were dissatisfied. The survey confirms the results of other institutes.

The Union has also overtaken the SPD in the new ARD “Germany trend” by Infratest dimap and in the most recent Forsa survey. In both, the Union is at 27, the SPD only achieves 22 to 23 percent. (dpa / AFP / frs)

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