The ÖVP chat affair – Whom Thomas Schmid’s cell phone was fatal to

August Wöginger is not the only ÖVP politician who has been targeted by the judiciary because of chats on the mobile phone of ex-ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid. On the contrary: he joins a number of prominent (ex) party colleagues. But powerful managers and politicians from other factions also got into serious trouble with the Schmid mobile phone and the chats secured on it…

Numerous ÖVP politicians or people close to the People’s Party are currently being targeted by the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office. Not for everyone, but for the majority of them, the mobile phone of ex-ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid, against whom several points are being investigated, was fatal. Ex-shooting star Kurz had to goFor example, in the ÖVP corruption affair, the judiciary is investigating ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and several of his confidants on suspicion of infidelity and bribery. After a long back and forth, Kurz and his family took the consequences, and at the beginning of December 2021 the former turquoise shooting star Kurz left the field. Most of his confidants also had to go. Ex-Finance Minister Gernot Blümel, on the other hand, is being investigated on the basis of chat messages on suspicion of bribery in the causa casinos. In this case, former deputy party leader Bettina Glatz-Kremsner is being investigated for making false statements. Wöginger before extradition Recently targeted by corruption investigators: ÖVP club boss August Wöginger. In order to be able to investigate against him on suspicion of abuse of office, the WKStA demands that Wöginger be extradited by the National Council. The Immunity Committee decides on extradition. The opposition parties are already signaling their approval. The former (2017-2019) ÖVP General Secretary Stefan Steiner is also listed as a suspect. Among other things, he raised campaign donations for Kurz and, together with Kurz advisor Gerald Fleischmann, filed a complaint against the house searches of the WKStA in November 2021. Not only politicians in the focus of the judiciary Although no ÖVP members, but thanks to the chats in the focus of the judiciary came major investor Siegfried Wolf, real estate juggler René Benko and pollster Sophie Karmasin. The latter had been Minister for Family Affairs under Sebastian Kurz until 2017. In the case of Wolf, there is a suspicion of tax breaks, in the case of Benko, the WKStA is investigating possible payments to the Turks in the course of the brief takeover of power within the ÖVP. The billionaire has always denied this. “Krone” comment by Doris Vettermann: The new chats and the new suspicion against the ÖVP continue to fuel the corruption investigation committee, even before it has even started. The hope of the Turks that they could somehow go through this without major damage because the accused Sebastian Kurz, Gernot Blümel or Bernhard Bonelli, former head of cabinet in the Chancellery, are no longer in office can be buried.

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