They burn Harry Potter and ‘Twilight’ books in the United States for their ‘demonic influences’



A controversial pastor from Tennessee (United States) led a book burning a few days ago, including titles of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’. The purpose of the event, which was broadcast live on Facebook, was to combat “demonic influences.”

In the images, it can be seen that a small crowd came to participate in the burning, which took place in Nashville, the state capital. Greg Locke, whose Twitter account has been censored for issuing erroneous information about coronavirus vaccines, constantly cheers the participants to throw the copies into a large bonfire.

“Stop allowing demonic influences to enter your home,” Locke wrote in a ‘post’ that was removed from the aforementioned social network.

«We have a constitutional and biblical right to do what we are going to do (…). Witchcraft and cursed things must go,” he added.

This book burning comes on the heels of a Tennessee school board’s decision to ban ‘Maus,’ the great Holocaust graphic novel. The surprising decision was made due to the use of bad words and the representation of female nudes.

The author, Art Spiegelman, who is a descendant of a family of Auschwitz survivors, declared himself puzzled in statements to the US media. Shortly after the novel, which depicts Jews as mice and cats as Nazis, received an accolade, since its sales have skyrocketed (on Amazon it reached number 1), several bookstores offered it to read for free and it was they raised more than $80,000 to give copies to students at no cost.

It’s also not the first time Harry Potter has been in trouble in the state of Tennessee. In September 2019 it emerged that a Catholic school had made the decision to remove the seven books of the Harry Potter saga from its school library after the pastor who runs the center, Dan Reehil, will ensure that “the curses and spells” that appear on its pages are “real”.

The pastor then warned that the writer JK Rowling he was putting at risk the readers of the saga who, by reading certain passages, could get to “conjure evil spirits”.

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