The father who gave a fatal beating to his daughter’s stalker in Malaga: “I wanted to give him a lesson”




Miguel Ángel OV, 49, left his job on December 4 with an idea in his head: to prevent his old friend from going back to his old ways at any cost. to make his daughter suffer, whom he harassed when she was 15 years old (in 2017) and the supposed friend was over fifty, although Justice never proved them right. At one in the afternoon he saw Francisco V. in the ‘La Artesana’ cafeteria in Estepona (Málaga), approached him and kicked him all over the body. Several witnesses separated them and the victim went to work. He felt bad, went to the hospital, was told he only had a concussion and was sent home with painkillers and rest.

The next day he suffered two cardiorespiratory arrests and died in the ICU. The initial complaint for injuries was transformed into reckless homicide and now the prosecution asks that Miguel Ángel be charged with intentional homicide and that he be imprisoned.

The aggressor declared when he was arrested: “My intention was never to cause him great physical harm but to give him a lesson to prevent him from approaching my daughter again,” according to the police report to which ABC has had access. The beginning of this story with an ending that no one ventured dates back to 2017. Then, according to Miguel Ángel’s 15-year-old daughter, Francisco, a close friend of his family, made a loving approach to her. «He grabbed me by the waist and took pictures with me. He asked me for my mobile to send me the photos«. Right there he started a chat with her: “I loved you”, he wrote to her. He kept talking to her about their age difference and told her that he had fallen in love with her and that was their secret.

The girl stopped him and reported him accompanied by her parents at the local Estepona police station, but the matter was filed. There was no physical contact nor did he send her photos, although the minor felt intimidated and requested a restraining order.

“After analyzing the complaint and the conversation between the defendant and the minor, This instruction does not observe indications that Francisco V. has committed any criminal offense«, concluded the Police, before forwarding the complaint to the court.

after that episode the minor suffered psychological problems that persist and even attempted a suicide attempt. The family was very touched and the friendship relationship was blown up.

On December 1, her father’s old friend approached her again and she had to relive the situation. The girl told her boyfriend and he told the girl’s mother. Three days later his father exploded. Miguel Ángel was wearing his “Cofra” brand work boots, which are equipped with a reinforced toe because he works in a warehouse. He handed them over voluntarily when they went to arrest him, after the victim’s death in hospital.

This is the boot, with a reinforced toe, with which the attack was committed
This is the boot, with a reinforced toe, with which the assault was committed – ABC

There are two facts, says the statement, that could have contributed to the fatal result of the attack. The victim had been hospitalized for cancer until a few days before the events. After the beating, he went to the Emergency Room, but was discharged with the only recommendation: relative rest and a couple of painkillers, and dispatched with the tagline “in case of worsening, return to the clinic”.

The witnesses of the beating, who testified before the Police, told their versions. One of them spoke of several kicks and that he heard a snap “that he can recognize as a fracture of a bone.”

Another parishioner tried to separate the author from the victim and received several punches that did not cause injuries. Later, Miguel Ángel went to apologize: “Do you have children?” he asked. According to him, he repeatedly threatened Francisco: “I have to kill you for what you have done to my daughter, I am going to kill you.” And he left muttering that it wasn’t going to stay that way. A third explained that he called the victim a “pederast” and that after the attack he apologized. “You have children too.”

The cafeteria cameras record the moment when Miguel Ángel arrived at the premises by bicycle and went to the terrace where Francisco was. The aggression is not seen, after the brawl and after they were separated, the alleged aggressor walks away and the victim leaves the place on her own.

Miguel Ángel is charged but released. The medical report from the hospital on the attack suffered by Francisco and his treatment will be essential. He was admitted less than 24 hours after the attack in the Critical Care Unit of the Costa del Sol Hospital, with a destroyed spleen, kidney failure and collapsed left lung. Severe neurological damage was also detected. The day before they had sent him home. At 6:30 a.m. on Monday, he died. The accusation, brought by the lawyer Marcos García-Montes, reiterates that the victim was not a stalker as stated in the police report and indicates that the aggressor did intend to kill him.

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