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“There are more country houses for sale than ever” They affirm from the Galician Federation of Real Estate Companies about a typically Galician construction that is now on the market. Specifically, and taking into account Fegein’s calculations, it is a question of about 200 properties, which represents around 25 percent of all the pazos registered in Galicia, which present a very varied state of conservation, as well as the price for which their owners are willing to get rid of them. The fork moves between the 180.000 euros (the price of an average apartment in any city in the Galician Community) and the five million euros of some of the most traditional buildings. But, what is hidden behind this avalanche of pazos in the market?

According to reports from this federation, the problem is that in Galicia there are some 900 listed palaces in the general inventory of Heritage. In the opinion of Benito Iglesias, president of the Fegein, “these BIC pazos are a bureaucratic, fiscal and economic burden that is too heavy for the majority of their owners.” Hence, a part of them were marketed in the last two decades to become “charming hospitality” businesses, taking advantage of the attractiveness of its architecture and its location, often in the middle of nature. However, they clarify, “the pandemic situation in which we live has left them in the economic ICU.”

At this point, the owners of these valuable properties recognize that the high cost of maintenance and the constant renovation and improvement works that require They are not available to all pockets, so many choose to get rid of them to get rid of a burden. This inability to meet the expenses generated by a construction of this type is suffered above all those who exercise property by inheritance, prevented on many occasions to hold them in optimal conditions.

Faced with an increasingly frequent situation, Iglesias claims aids of a special nature for the conservation and maintenance of these BICs, which proliferate on websites for the sale of unique houses and are usually acquired by foreign buyers looking for a unique landscape setting, an eye-catching design and even a crest of your own. And the truth is that the options are varied because the “for sale” sign hangs from pazos located throughout the Community, on the coast and inland, in remote locations and in other more central locations.

All over Galicia

Ribeira Sacra, Ría de Coruña, A Mariña, Baiona, Terra Chá, Os Ancares, Pontevedra, Sarria, Arzúa, Nigrán, Redondela, Carballo, O Salnés, Cospeito, Oza, Tomiño, Bergondo, Chantada, Sandías, Baralla, Ferreira de Pantón , Padrón, A Estrada, Santiso, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Castro Verde, O Corgo or O Ribeiro are some of the locations where pazos are available. A journey through the history of Galicia through the manor houses in which, in the past, the wealthy classes resided and with which the new generations are, on many occasions, unable to bear.

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