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Navarra Sum has criticized this Wednesday that the waiting lists for first consultations have increased again in August by 4,290 people, “which further aggravates this problem to which the current one is not knowing how to respond. Government of Navarra“.

Thus, from the coalition of UPN, Citizens and PP They have indicated, in a statement, that as of August 31 “there are 56,003 people who are waiting for a first medical consultation, of which 39,162, 70%, do not even have an appointment assigned.”

By specialties, they have commented, “the worst average wait is vascular surgery, 277 days, followed by children’s ophthalmology, 193 days; Rehabilitation, 146 days; Otolaryngology, 146 days; Spine, 141 days; Child dermatology, 120 days; Pneumology , 116 days; and Dermatology, 105 days “.

For NA +, “It is evident the worrying deterioration of the waiting list in consultation that has been taking place in the Autonomous Community”. “In the last 2 years, the average waiting time has increased by 57%”, they have indicated.

On Mental health, they have pointed out, “the average wait in the last two years has increased by 42%, going from 26 to 37 days, the worsening in that period in the average wait in Child-Youth Mental Health, which has increased by 462%, going from 8 to 45 days “.

In addition, they have pointed out that “the difficulties caused by the pandemic do not justify this worsening, given that, during 2020, the Autonomous Community is among the communities that have worsened the average waiting time in consultation, only surpassed by Castilla y León, Valencian Community, Extremadura, Catalonia and Aragon“.

Waiting in surgery of 91 days

Regarding the average waiting time for surgery, they have stated that “in the last 2 years it has increased from 78 to 91 days”, although it is true, they have commented, “that it has improved compared to a year ago”. Currently, 764 people, 12% of the total, have been waiting for surgery for more than 6 months, they have added since NA +.

The coalition has criticized that “the increase in waiting lists, together with the deterioration that is taking place in Primary care on Navarra, is causing a growing malaise among professionals and citizens, to the point of having increased claims during 2021, after a significant reduction that occurred during 2020 motivated by the pandemic. “

Thus, they have detailed that, in the accumulated between January 1 and August 31, while in 2019 they occurred in Navarra 32,561 claims, in 2020 there were 21,988 and in 2021, 34,325. Of the total claims in that period, 16,514 in 2019, 11,312 in 2020 and 17,027 during 2021 were registered, motivated by delays in the waiting list, it has indicated.

From Navarra Sum, have demanded that the Department of Health address “immediately measures to improve waiting times to recover face-to-face care in Primary care, recover the follow-up of patients with chronic diseases and the quality and excellence in health care in which Navarra it had been a benchmark for many years. “

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