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55.4% of Spaniards long for family reunions with their relatives or their partners, encounters that have been suspended or limited as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This is clear from the ‘Survey on social and affective relationships in times of the Covid-19 pandemic’, published today by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). The sample was based on a telephone interview with 2,972 Spaniards of both sexes, of legal age, in 1,084 municipalities of 50 provinces between May 27 and June 17.

In turn, 55.1% miss doing leisure activities together; 31.1% yearn to have romantic dates; 28.4% have more space to carry out activities individually; and 21.2% enjoy intimate moments.

In the same way, 28.8% and 34.8% of those surveyed say they are very physically and emotionally attached to their partner. 25.5% say that communication with their partner has increased with regard to housework in the last six months, while 7.8% acknowledge that it has decreased around problems related to the relationship itself.

For its part, 72.9% of Spaniards say that the pandemic has not affected their sexual life, and 77.5% affirm that the coronavirus has not affected their desire to have sex. Along the same lines, 68.4% state that the frequency with which they have sexual relations has remained intact.

15.3% admit that the pandemic has caused a worsening of their sexual life, and 16% admit that they have done the same with the frequency with which they have sex. Only 8% say that the coronavirus has seriously affected their desire to have sex with other people.

In turn, 6.3% of Spaniards boast that their sexual life has improved despite the pandemic, while 7.8% say that their desire to have sex has increased, and 8% point out that the same thing has happened to him with the frequency with which he has sex.

On the other hand, 77% of Spaniards have had a video call in the last six months, of which 64% have done it to chat with family and friends who live in another city; 46.2%, with relatives who reside in the same municipality; 31.8%, to provide or receive help from a loved one; 20.9%, to have a drink or share a meal with friends; 18.2%, to talk with their partners; 4.4% to share intimate moments with their partners; and 3%, to flirt.

Finally, 42.9% of those surveyed meet their partners daily; 30.7%, with their children; 14.6%, with their parents; 9.4% with their siblings; 8.1%, with their friends; 6.9%, with their fellow students or colleagues; 5.7%, with their neighbors; and 3.2%, with other relatives.

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