58.5% of the families cared for by Cáritas in Barcelona did not know what the Minimum Living Income was




58.5% of the families that Caritas Barcelona has cared for during the pandemic They did not know what the minimum income or the Minimum Vital Income was, and 14.2% do not know how to request it. This has been one of the data presented today by the entity at a press conference held at the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona. «The Minimum Living Income is not coming. It only exists on paper, ”said Miriam Feu, head of social analysis and advocacy at Cáritas in Barcelona.

According to Feu, this income does not reach those who “need it most” because, on many occasions, those who need to reach it do not have the means to receive it. «A large number of people we serve do not have access to the internet or a computer to do so. And with the progressive digitization of public institutions during the pandemic, these people are being left behind.», He explained. The total number of households served that receive some type of minimum income benefit does not reach 7.

The coronavirus crisis has caused severe poverty rates to rise to 66%, that is, families that survive on 465 euros per month, and up to 21% in the case of households that have been left without any income. . “Many of these people worked caring for the elderly or as cleaning personnel and, with the pandemic and social limitations, they have been left without work,” he added. Until 64% of the people cared for by Cáritas Barcelona during the pandemic did not have a decent home.

During this recession, one of the most disadvantaged groups has been the one that includes minors. Up to 21% have worsened their grades in recent months and 38% of families do not have the digital resources necessary to be able to keep classes regularly. In turn, 1 in 3 people attended have seen their physical and mental situation deteriorate.

“We have detected an increase in fear and uncertainty of many people due to the current situation and, above all, with what the future holds,” said the director of Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, ​​Salvador Busquets. “Normally, our budget before the pandemic was between 180,000 and 200,000 euros of budget per month. This August, this amount exceeded 600,000 euros», He confessed. A decision, which, as Busquets himself explained, has led the entity to “go into debt.”

Miriam Feu recalled that this crisis situation is «responsibility of the whole society, including the political class», And has taken the opportunity to make a series of claims to it, including a reform of the guaranteed income, progress in housing and digitization policies, increase the public rental stock, focus children and the elderly on the point of action of public policies and make visible the situation of invisible groups.

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