60 snow plows mobilized as the risk of snowfall persists




The Directorate General of Public Works keeps a total of 60 snow plowing teams mobilized as the risk of snowfall persists that could accumulate thicknesses of up to 20 cm. in the Pyrenean area from a height of 700 meters. Likewise, the formation of ice sheets on the road is possible.

Thus, Government of Navarra insists on his recommendation to drivers to circulate with caution on the roads of the Northern Zone of the Autonomous Community. On the secondary roads the port of Belagua on the NA-137 (Burgui-Isaba-France) from pk. 55 (El Ferial), and on this same road it is necessary to use chains from pk. 45 (Mata de Haya, beginning of the port). Access to San Miguel de Aralar on the pk. 3.5 of the NA-7510 (Baraibar).

It is also mandatory to use chains to circulate through the port of Matamachos, on the NA-176 road (Garde-Ansó) from pk. 9; in the NA-2000 (Isaba-Zuriza), NA-2011 (Salazar- France) and NA-2012 (Four Bordas-Irati), in all three cases from the beginning; NA-138 (Pamplona to France by Alduides) between pk. 11 and 29; NA-1740 (Irurita-Eugi, port of Artsiaga) between pk. 10 and 22); on the NA-2520 highway (Olagüe-Zubiri, port of Egozkue), from pk. 5 to 10, and on the NA-120 (Estella-Beasain, port of Lizarraga, between pk. 24 and 33.

Exceptionally and only while the current weather situation lasts, access to the Roncal Valley crossing the provincial boundary with Aragon through the A-137 highway, which leaves from Venta Carrica, in the Yesa, and links to NA-137 in terms of Burgui. In this way, the use of NA-214 (Navascués-Burgui) and the passage through the port of Las Coronas. Throughout the morning there have been traffic accidents without serious consequences, especially collisions due to range and off the road.

In order to keep the road network operational, the Directorate General of Public Works keeps 60 snow plows in service from 12 noon. The teams will monitor the situation of the highways of Leitzaran (A-15), North (A-1) and Barranca (A-10), as well as the N-121-A (Pamplona-Behobia), N-121 (Pamplona-Vitoria / Gasteiz) and Ronda de Pamplona (PA-30) and N-135, with the ports of Erro and Mezkiriz. They will also intervene in the event that it is necessary to clear the road in the ports of Loiti, Egozkue, Urkiaga and Artesiaga, on the roads of the Pyrenean valleys, of the Yerri Valley, Meano area, Goñi Valley and in the highlands of Lerga, Ujué and Aibar, among other routes.

Starting at 10 pm, the device will be made up of 49 snow removal teams, and from 6 am on Monday, there will be 60 machines mobilized again.

Recommendations for traveling

In general, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary trips and, if you have to, not to travel alone, if possible use the public service and find out about inclement weather in the area through the media and the state of the roads by calling 848 423 500 or on the website of Information on the state of the roads of Navarra.

It is also preferable not to drive at night, when road hazards are more difficult to detect, such as ice sheets. In the event of having to stop, if the car is kept running with the heating activated, the air must be renewed with a window ajar to avoid possible poisoning. It is also very useful to carry a mobile phone to inform yourself and be located in case of immobilization. Even if the phone has no coverage, the connection to the 112 It is always possible.

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