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Just when the coronavirus figures consolidate their downward trend and the de-escalation of restrictions is being prepared, the effects of the third wave of the pandemic continue to be felt in the surgical waiting list of the Valencian Community. A record that has increased in January another 17 days more than in December, bringing the average delay to 142 days -almost five months-, the worst figure since September, and which means that 65,400 Valencians They are waiting to be intervened, 3,562 more than the previous month, according to data published by the Ministry of Health and consulted by Europa Press.

Thus, in December the downward trend that had been chaining the region since September for three months was broken after a new suspension of all surgical activity and diagnostic tests was decreed on January 8 not urgent given the hospital saturation generated by the pandemic.

The result has been that the delay increased in December by five days to 125 days and the year began with another 13 days more than the previous cut, to 142.

The waiting list began to rise with the arrival of the pandemic and the average structural delay increased from 80 days in February 2020 to 97 in March; 126 days after the April cut-off; 150 in May and 154 in June, while in July it dropped to 147, rose to 157 in August -month in which there is traditionally a slight rebound due to being a holiday- and in September it fell to 151, 131 days in October and 120 in November.

Of the 65,400 Valencians who are waiting to be operated on, 28,641 have been waiting for less than 90 days, 13,828 have been waiting between 91 and 180 days and 22,931 more than 180 days.

This rise in waiting lists has been generalized in all departments and the differences exceed five and a half months: of the 221 of Vinaròs, which is again the one with the longest delay with 13 days more than in the previous cut, at 57 in Torrevieja, with 17 more days.

Next to Vinaròs, the one with the longest delay is the Castellón Provincial Hospital, with 211 days; the General of Valencia, 206; Castelló Hospital, with 178; San Joan de Alacant, 163; the General of Alicante, 161; The Faith, 160; Ontinyent and Alcoi, 156; Sagunto, 135; el Clínico, el Arnau, Orihuela y Elda, 120; La Plana, 119; La Ribera, 115; Dénia, 113 and Elche, 101.

Below one hundred days there are only La Marina Baixa, 98; Peset, 91; Gandia, 90; Requena, 82; Manises, 81; Elx-Crevillent, 66 and close the list Torrevieja, with 57, according to the information consulted.

By specialties, the one with the longest wait is plastic surgery with an average of 220 days, followed by thoracic, with 202; pediatric with 180 days; orthopedic surgery and traumatology, 177; neurosurgery, 173; otorhinolaryngology, 154; maxillofacial surgery, 140; urology, 138 and gynecology, 136.

In contrast, those who least have to wait to be operated on are general surgery, with 120; vascular surgery, 105 days; dermatology, 104; ophthalmology, 103, and cardiovascular surgery, 71.

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