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About 92,700 people They have denounced having been victims of sexual abuse in the American organization “Boy Scouts of America” ​​(BSA, in English), reported last Monday the lawyers of the victims who are handling the case.

The lawyers announced this Sunday that the complainants were about 82,000, but the figure increased to 92,700 at the end of the period to file the lawsuit this Monday in a bankruptcy court in the state of Delaware (USA), where the boy scouts they filed for bankruptcy this year in an attempt to survive the wave of lawsuits.

Paul Mones, one of the lawyers involved in cases against the Boy Scouts for almost two decades, told “The New York Times” this Sunday that the prevalence of abuses detailed in the cases presented is staggering, but that it could still reflect only a fraction of the number of actual victims.

Monumental task

“I knew there were a lot of cases,” Mones said. “I never considered that it would come close to this number,” he added. The flood of lawsuits is a monumental task for the bankruptcy case, with which the Boy Scouts intend to reorganize and structure a compensation fund for their victims, for which a judge imposed November 16 as the deadline for filing a complaint of abuse.

In their bankruptcy filing, the Boy Scouts allege that they have assets worth $ 1 billionBut they also have a network of local councils that own hundreds of camps and other properties across the country on the shores of lakes or in valleys, where young people are trained in exploration skills or ethical values.

In a statement from the Boy Scouts, the organization said it is “devastated by the number of lives affected by past abuse,” and stated that for this reason they have initiated an accessible process so that they can claim compensation. “The response we have seen from the victims has been devastating,” insisted the organization, asking for forgiveness.

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts expanded after receiving a Deed of Constitution of Congress in 1916 detailing Scout values ​​such as “patriotism, bravery, and independence,” by which generations of American boys were guided.

Hundreds of “degenerates” who had served as “scout” leaders are mentioned in the organization’s internal documents.

According to the organization, more than 130 million of them have gone through its programs throughout its history, including personalities such as eFormer President John F. Kennedy, astronaut Neil Armstrong, civil rights icon Ernest Green or film director Steven Spielberg.

Today, it has about 2.2 million members, although the number has been in steady decline since it reached its peak in the 1970s of about 5 million, so in 2017 they started accepting girls.

According to internal documents of the organization, already in the first decades of existence of the Boy Scouts abuse problems were reported, in which it speaks of hundreds of “degenerates” who had served as “scout” leaders.

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