A 22-year-old girl arrested for stealing her daughter from her grandmother when she had lost custody



The National Police has stopped to a 22-year-old woman for crime of child abduction for taking her two-year-old daughter from her grandmother’s house without permission, the person who currently had temporary custody since the arrested woman had lost her for inattention, the Local Police Station of Torrejón de Ardoz reported this Tuesday in a press release.

The investigation began on August 11, 2021 in Torrejón de Ardoz when a woman reported that her daughter had left the family home with her young granddaughter. The complaint was motivated because the Social Services of the Community of Madrid had withdrawn the guardianship, guardianship and custody of the now detained, because the minor was found in a situation of helplessness and abandonment, being provisionally transferred his care to the grandmother of the minor, showing the social services regional lawful custody of the minor.

According to the grandmother’s statements, she had assumed the care of her granddaughter from October 2020 until the completion of the foster care procedures by the Social Services of the Community of Madrid.

However, during the month of March of this year, her daughter returned to the family home, starting a coexistence with her again, apparently without incident. Until the morning of that day, August 11, when the grandmother observed that her daughter and granddaughter were not at home and that most of the personal belongings of both have disappeared, including a child seat for the car, so the grandmother decided to go to the police.

Then, the agents carried out different steps simultaneously, interviewing different people close to the family nucleus and friends of the detainee, as well as negotiations with social services, daycare, surveillance, etc., and it could be determined that the grandmother herself would have lied in the complaint, the abduction having taken place several days ago.

Finally, the Police proceeded to the judicial intervention of the mother phone positioning, which allowed the agents to locate and arrest this person on the night of August 12-13 at a Renfe station in Madrid, not being accompanied by the minor at that time.

Finally, after subsequent negotiations, they located the minor in an area of Alcala de Henares, since apparently the mother would have left her with a friend, being transferred to a first reception center. The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Torrejón de Ardoz Court of Instruction.

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