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Luis Sabalza Iriarte, president of Osasuna, has received the Parliament Medal from the president of the Chamber, Unai Hualde. Sabalza thanked and said that it was an honor for him and Osasuna to receive this medal, special for the club because he has been one of the best ambassadors for Navarra outside of it, but also as a union of all Navarrese with their differences. Sabalza has equated the Foral Chamber as a place that also has to be a meeting place. The president, for 6 years, has recognized that it has been hard to get to this day after the trials and past economic insecurities. But he stressed that after this, we must also recognize the economic importance of Osasuna in Navarra with 20 million contributed last season, among other figures, such as VAT, personal income tax, and the importance of being in the First Division.

Likewise, they expect to continue having a positive impact on Navarra, Sabalza has indicated. He has highlighted the work with women’s football and with the players of teams such as Genuine and the players of the children’s teams. “Osasua is Navarra, wealth, equality, inclusion

Unai Hualde, has opened the ceremony of the delivery of Medal to the Osasuna Athletic Club, recognizing that the Covid-19 it has marked all the social activity and also the act of today in the Foral Chamber, first in Basque and then in Spanish. The previous year it received the Euskaltzaindia (Academy of the Basque Language) award also for its centenary. Hualde has also recognized the work of health and social health workers.

The Osasuna Athletic Club has also opted this year to the Nava Gold Medalrra / Nafarroako Urrezko Domina 2020. The rojillo club was nominated to receive the award along with two other candidates: The Plaza de la Cruz Institute and the health and socio-health personnel, who will finally be the ones who will receive it tomorrow from the president of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, in the celebration of Navarra Day.

In the case of the rojillo club, it was a person in a personal capacity who proposed the candidacy of Osasuna, highlighting its character as “the maximum reference of Navarrese national and international sport, in addition to its values, roots and quarry, being the only professional football club with a name in Basque”, together with being the “maximum exponent of women’s football and initiatives like the league Genuine for people with disabilities “.

Hualde has received recognition for the families and victims of the Covid-19 and has shown its support. After summarizing the management of the Parliament of Navarra this year, in a crisis like the coronavirus. Although it is not a year for celebrations, the President of Parliament has indicated that it is a good time to celebrate the centenary of Osasuna, with mention of the people who founded it. Some of them, he said, have their own names, he indicated, insisting on several occasions on “the importance of the Basque language” and marking, according to Hualde, “the suffering of some of them due to the Civil War”, although it was not the day to this.

In reference to the sports activity of Osasuna, He did mention the work of the club, also in the defense of equality with the women’s team and in defense of social work, also favoring attitudes of collaboration and development in the face of disability.

Hualde has regretted that the club had to suspend other acts due to the pandemic. He has made express mention of the Navarrese fans and the hymn of Osasuna “brave and fighter”, which unites Navarra, “as a symbol and sign of identity”.

José Luis Sánchez de Muniáin (Navarra Sum), Secretary of the Chamber has read the text of the agreement of the Parliament of Navarra to deliver this medal of the Provincial Chamber, also reading part of the history that emerged on October 24, 1920 until the record of partners this year exceeding 20,000 partners. The agreements have also been read in Basque.

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