A Covid patient plan and prior appointment, among the 122 measures proposed to improve Sacyl




The experts appointed by the parliamentary groups of Castilla y León to analyze the healthcare model and propose improvements they have already submitted their proposals to the Board. Total, 122 measures Among those who emphasize that the previous appointment is the previous appointment as a normal way of accessing the consultations, differentiated circuits, a comprehensive plan for the Covid patient, a warehouse with a reserve for at least three months of protective equipment or dedicate 3% of health spending to public health.

The group of experts to develop the health field of the Pact for economic recovery, employment and social cohesion, signed on June 17 by PSOE, PP, Ciudadanos, Podemos and Por Ávila, has proposed a final working document with these 122 proposals to «take Draft measures that strengthen the regional health system in the face of future challenges»To stop the coronavirus and correct previous structural and organizational deficiencies.

The Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, has met this Friday with that group, whom he thanked for the work and your effort of dialogue and consensus In line with the fact that improving health should be everyone’s goal, the Board explained in a statement.

Experts have argued that although regional health was good It was “not designed” for a pandemic such as the one that has occurred, as has happened in Spain and other countries, so that the challenges previously faced by health care in Castilla y León are now “accelerating” such as having more financing and more professionals or “reorganize a system whose foundations date back almost thirty years.”

Future waves of Covid

Mañueco recalled that the accounts for 2021 will dedicate 7.5 percent of GDP to Health, 21.6 percent more than in 2018, the latest budgets approved by the Cortes, have argued that the Community has one of the five best regional health systems and “should aspire to improve it.”

The document of the experts raised proposals to respond to the pandemic, other immediate and medium term to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of the health system; and structural on sizing and organization of the health system.

Thirty measures are aimed at preparing health for future waves of covid, to guarantee the supplyor enough of protective equipment, medical supplies, the appropriate use of tests, the need to have strategies prepared in the event of new outbreaks, continuous analysis of the situation, design of separate circuits for health care, improvement of hospital infrastructures and recovery of ordinary activity.

Regarding the purchase and sufficient provision of protective equipment, the existence of an advanced warehouse with a strategic reserve is insisteda for at least three months, with real-time monitoring of the needs of each center, and highlights the involvement of the business fabric of Castilla y León in health logistics, reports Efe.

On the improvement of health care in the short and medium term, it is maintain differentiated circuits at all levels, proposing alternatives where it is not possible (separate time slots); and the previous appointment as the normal way of access to consultation, with telephone lines and enough staff for those patients who have difficulty with new technologies to avoid crowds and allow to choose face-to-face or telematic appointments, including video call.

The development of a Comprehensive Plan for the Covid patient is proposed, with an emphasis on critically ill, including pediatric, and with prominence for qualified nursing.

Regarding the eight measures for the development and strengthening of Public Health and epidemiological surveillance, they include a surveillance system and rapid response to possible outbreaks or new waves and increase investment in public health to reach at least 3% of total health spending by the end of this legislature.

Another 35 measures affect the Primary and Continuous Care, based on the analysis of the current distribution of basic health areas to identify those that may need a possible modification, elaborate a human resources plan in Primary Care and design a schedule of measures that allow the sustainability of the workforce by adjusting the flow of entries and exits, and preparing proposals for modifying the quotas to achieve optimal sizes.

Human Resources

It is also proposed to progressively reduce the figure of the area professional, reconverting these positions to other team or continuous care positions on a voluntary basis and to promote the incorporation of professionals to the jobs that are difficult to fill in rural areas through incentives, such as rental or purchase benefits, tax breaks for couples or family grouping programs.

Regarding human resources, there are organizational improvements, in the working conditions of professionals, both contractual and economic; recognize achievements and promote motivation; and identify and encourage the most overloaded positions for the professional and those with difficult coverage.

For this, the experts propose tailor compensation to communities with higher salaries, in order to recognize professionals and encourage their loyalty in neighboring areas.

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