a delusional video game that wants you to feel like a Cuban guerrilla

Without Far Cry the video game would not be the same. Over the years, the Ubisoft franchise has established itself in one of the most acclaimed and anticipated by players around the world. The enormous freedom it offers to whoever holds the command, the stories it tells – always halfway between science and fiction; always delusional and surreal – and his great villains (among whom we find sect leaders or pirate bosses) are much to blame. The French Canadian company has chosen this October to put on the shelves the new exponent of the saga: ‘Far Cry 6‘. When the user inserts the disk into the shift system, which can

be from the computer to past and new generation consoles (except for Switch), you will be able to have an experience, more or less close to reality, of what the life of a guerrilla immersed in a revolution of those that has become so popular during the last 60 years in South America is like.

The video game starts by presenting Wound, an island located in the Caribbean that has been mired in utter misery for decades. Anton Castillo, the villain of the title very well played by Giancarlo Esposito, sets out to reverse the situation. He spearheads a coup and, after gaining power, tries to green the country’s laurels thanks to a tobacco-related compound called ‘viviro’, which promises to work as an effective remedy against cancer. As usual, the dictator will do use of force to keep the population subdued. And this causes two things: the emergence of a guerrilla movement and that many citizens try to leave the island in the direction of Miami (United States).

Yara’s similarities with the recent history of some countries

Hispanic Americans are obvious. Especially if the comparison is with Cuba. And from Ubisoft it does not deny. “We are inspired mainly by Cuba, but also in places like Venezuela or Colombia. We finished with the idea of ​​telling what a modern guerrilla revolution would look like on an island frozen in time after a 50-year blockade, “Navid Khavari, narrative director of this video game, recently explained in conversation with ABC. The parallels can also be seen in the geography of the fictional island and in the buildings that make up its towns and cities; They almost function as a reminder of better times.

If before we said that the Yarano who is opposed to Castillo’s regime has two options, fight or flee, the character controlled by the user, Dani Rojas (That the same can be a man or a woman depending on what you want) try both. In the first minutes of the title, we see the protagonist trying to leave the island by boat with the aim of arriving in the United States. However, the plan is truncated, the ship sinks and he ends up being forced to join the guerrillas so that they provide him with the means to escape.

Absolute freedom

Once inside the revolution, the player has a wide range of possibilities to do their bit in the fight against the regime. You can follow the main missions, expel the Castillo army from certain areas or carry out sabotage actions, among others. All these options allow the user to live a complete revolutionary experience. In addition, they all make sense if we consider that, in the end, we embody the role of a guerrilla. Although we can let the secondary ones run, the ideal is to try to complete all the possible ones, since this will allow access to better weapons and resources. At ABC, at least, they have not been repetitive; although, as a general rule, in normal mode we have found them quite affordable for the most part.

Leaving aside the parallels with reality, in ‘Far Cry 6’, as is common in the rest of the franchise, there are times for madness and absurdity. For example, when the user ‘kicks’ the huge Yara map they may encounter situations that border on the incredible; and many are also starring the NPCs themselves (non-playable characters). Among other things, we can find fortuitous attacks against plantations or see wild animals attacking. The title also features various mini-games, such as cockfighting or racing, that can help the player temporarily disconnect from the main story.

Better calm

Throughout the adventure, Dani Rojas will have the possibility of being accompanied by one of the ‘friends’, a group of animals to help you complete missions and they offer some of the most hilarious gaming moments. It is not necessary to spend too much holding the command before the guerrilla receives the first one, which is a caiman with a jacket called ‘Handsome‘. As the hours go by, and the missions go by, it will be possible to complete the team with a partially paralyzed dog or a rooster, among others. Nor is it that they are especially useful in combat, at best they make things a bit easier for you; however, it is still an interesting addition and one that will surely appeal to many players.

Beyond this, the video game invites the user to play calmly and dedicate your time to discover all the secrets it hides. Done this way, it is easy to end up adding more than 100 hours. In addition, the proposal has an online mode that allows you to fight for the revolution accompanied by a friend. Regarding the graphics, at ABC we have been playing on an Xbox Series X and the result has been really good; no slowdowns except in very specific moments. All in all, the performance is more than acceptable.


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