A digital platform will try to recover sales in the Mora business




The mayor of It must, Emilio Bravo has received this Monday in the town hall the representatives of the Mora Commerce, Restoration and Services Association, led by its president, Victor García Villarrubia, who presented the new online sales platform www.yocomproenmora.com, which begins its journey this Wednesday, December 9, with the aim of “balancing the decline in face-to-face sales by betting on new sales channels in the digital framework of SMEs and the self-employed in Mora”, Bravo indicated.

The City Council of Mora has covered the economic cost of programming and launching this online promotion and sales platform within the Digital Transformation Plan of the Business, Commercial and Self-Employed Fabric of Mora. A platform that starts with about 50 establishments from 36 different sectors, which offer more than 250 products through this new store.

Figures that the president of the association assures that they will gradually increase in the coming months, hoping to end up collecting the vast majority of Moracha companies and thousands of products.

“A few months ago we signed an important collaboration agreement for the creation of this ambitious Digital Transformation Project, which today becomes a reality,” said the mayor, who added that with the creation and launch of this new platform, “we want to contribute to alleviate the effects of covid-19 on moracho SMEs and freelancers, so the City of Mora is next to its commerce and hospitality, as well as to all SMEs and freelancers who want to open their businesses to digital commerce “.

For his part, the president of the association has announced an important «launch campaign for our portal, with the collaboration once again of the City Council, which will be carried out on social networks and the media, to achieve a good positioning of our portal lo soon as possible”. The objective is to take advantage of the current opportunity to recover part of the ground lost by SMEs and freelancers due to the emergence of electronic commerce “and the urgent need to open our small businesses to the digital world with an internet presence and online sales. A project and objective that would not have been possible to achieve without the collaboration of our city council, which I thank on behalf of all, for their willingness and total support to merchants, hoteliers and freelancers of Mora from the first moment “, said García.

And it is that in addition to defraying the total cost of the creation of the platform, the mayor and the president of the association have signed a new collaboration agreement worth 3,500 euros, to carry out the Launch Promotion of the Sales Platform online www.yocomproenmora.com in the media, as well as for the development of the X Christmas Showcase Decoration Contest, and the tenth edition of the Christmas promotion «Your big purchase 2020», which will be held on December 14, 2020 as of January 5, 2021.

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