A fireplace inside the TV, the fashion of this Christmas




They do not give heat, but neither do they release smoke. The last cry on the call “Slow television” they are the fireplaces to fill the small screen and complete the decoration of the living room or any other room in the house. At Christmas they are very appropriate and only on Netflix we have four options different. In Youtube there are many more. And not all are the same, far from it.

The best known author is George Ford, which defines itself in its twitter account with comic immodesty. His sense of humor saves him: «The Fellini of the fire, the Coppola combustion, the Orson Welles From the wood”. At the beginning of this article it seemed unthinkable to come across these names.

The catalog is tremendous. Some flat chimneys are in quality 4K and others offer accompaniment music. Christmas carols and other seasonal genres dominate, usually on the piano. There is usually no lack of the crackle of the firewood being consumed, which of course (the only truly natural thing) can be set to the desired volume.

Not all have the same duration, on the other hand. There are “funds” that last an hour and others that can fill a full half day, up to twelve hours, enough for any non-pagan celebration. There is the option of putting them at a lower or higher speed (like some journalists in a hurry, who speed up the series), but realism is lost, no doubt.

Too deception abounds: “Programs” that consist of a loop, always with the same unalterable and repeated images, and other stamps that are more false than a three-euro coin. Faced with so much offer, it seems foolish to bet on them.

Let’s see the most interesting:

– Those of the aforementioned George Ford They seem to lead the market, at least on Netflix. The filmmaker has other titles with fish tanks and mountains, whose shootings seem like authentic adventures next to them, in which the most dangerous thing is to get burned or nailed the tripod. Among its titles, we can start with «Fireplace in your home: the sizzling Birch‘, If only because it specifies the wood used. It is an hour long, which seems to be your standard. “Transform your television into a fireplace and make your home a warmer and more welcoming place” is the claim for the viewer, almost irresistible.

The writer and journalist David B. Gil joked on Twitter: “outrageous that Netflix’s fireplace features the director but the writer is not credited.” To which the scriptwriter Natxo Lopez He replied: «As if you could maintain your attention and warmth for an hour without a scriptwriter behind you. JA ».

–There is another Ford movie on Netflix, in 4K or ultra high definition (UHD), which claims to offer “The sharpest image on the market”. In return, in “Chimney in your home” (2015) the wood no longer looks like birch, but the worst thing is that they have saved on firewood, with some logs that are also uglier, if such a subjective criteria is allowed to be introduced.

–Also from George Ford, we have «Fireplace for your home», a series in three chapters dating from 2010 and not having too many plot twists; that the spectator does not have illusions. The first episode, “Crackling Wood Fireplace,” includes “A Crackling Christmas Log,” with “Traditional North American Christmas Carols in the Background”. No lyrics, just music.

The second is “Sizzling Chimney,” with no sound other than fire. And the third, “Sizzling fireplace with music”, with more classic melodies. Ford may be making a living from the business, but even if it isn’t, it could be asking for a little more originality in the titles. Not that the audience is going to be too disoriented, but accuracy is also important.

-Finally, on Netflix, we can enjoy “Home fireplace”, which is the least homely of all and seems like a catalog error. In front of a wall full of graffiti, a large cube burns in different colors. It can be said that this time there is a script, although not too sophisticated: in the first seconds of the film, we see a young man who sets fire to the protagonist cube and runs off. The background sound is more complex: the fire is followed by incense police sirens. You might think that the title is ironic.

Sometimes a helicopter flies over, which also leaves us a beam of light in search of criminals. And we even see on several occasions a “mischievous fairy” that makes unintelligible sounds. It should be added that the image is not real. This title date of 2017 and the summary that Netflix offers does not seem very accurate: “A sparkling fire, a peculiar group of friends and a mischievous fairy: the classic Christmas scene, with more magic than ever.” Judge the reader from the image … And if someone finds friends (or magic) take a picture of them, because it still has value on the black market.

-In Youtube, the offer of virtual fireplaces is skyrocketing. The biggest advantage of the platform is the duration of the films, up to twelve hours. In return, those who do not have the premium version must endure occasional advertising. Among the dozens of films, there are some with more than 34 million visualizations.

-On the other hand, we also have a few live fireplaces, even more innovative concept, with almost always relaxing music. The next one, “Sleepify”, is a good example.

–There are other chimneys that include the Full stay. The shot opens up and entertains the eye, but the concept is already a bit perverted. It’s more like peering into another house, in which neither the fire nor the snow seen through the window are real, on the other hand. This one is homey, at least.

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