a guy “who got excited when you were against him”




Alberto, the alleged aggressor of the judge of Santa María la Real de Nieva, is already behind bars. This was ordered yesterday by the Court of First Instance and Instruction 5 of Segovia: provisional prison communicated and without bail. The reason, attacking with a screwdriver the magistrate María Sonsoles Sanchidrián Velayos, who had ordered him to pay 1,000 euros of the costs of a trial. As detailed by the digital medium Acueducto2, the man wounded the judge in the chest, abdomen and face, who is still admitted to the Segovia Hospital.

«He did not take us by surprise, but neither did we imagine that he could do something like that. It is true that he is a person who exalted himself when you opposed him, “the mayor of Fuente de Santa Cruz, a municipality in which she worked as a farmer, told ABC. Councilor María Luis Gil regrets what happened because of a “neighbor known to all, although now he lived in Arevalo.” “I am sad that the people are in the media for this,” he says.

The councilor of Fuentes de Santa Cruz, a municipality of 125 inhabitants and located about 30 kilometers from the place where the attack took place, explains that on the same day as what happened “it was already heard in the streets that it had been him.” “We could say that it was someone not very great”, he maintains. According to him, he is a person who “has suffered many problems with the neighbors of the town.” «He has had many trials. This is not the first to go, “he says. That of the attack in the vicinity of the court could have been carried out due to problems with a boundary of the lands he works.

María Luisa Gil recalls, overwhelmed, one of the most tense days she lived with Alberto, when years ago the protagonist of this story requested a building license from the City Council. “I wanted to give it to him, but we couldn’t at that time because it didn’t meet the rules. He got very angry, “he details. The already incarcerated man, who used to go to the Town Hall “from time to time” to demand his license, one morning surprised everyone. «I was very nervous. He made attempts to attack. I wasn’t there that day and they called me to stay home. And of course, of course I didn’t go ”, he explains.

The mayor assures that in the town, where they describe it as unstable, they did not think he was “dangerous until now”, but he wonders if he would have reacted in the same way as if the judge, instead of being a woman, had been a man. “I have my doubts,” he concludes.

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