A judge declares the extinction of UPyD and orders that it disappear from the party register




A judge has declared the extinction of Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) as a legal entity given the impossibility of the party to face a debt that it has with an ex-worker of the training, who was also an MEP in the European Parliament, and has given order for the cancellation of its registration in the political party registry.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Wednesday the decision of the Commercial Court No. 9 of Madrid, to which UPyD has already announced that it will file an appeal because it considers that its project is “viable and necessary for the whole of the Spanish ».

In the car, to which Europa Press has had access, The judge notifies UPyD’s request to declare bankruptcy given its “insolvency” status and the impossibility of “regularly and punctually complying” with its obligations “due to lack of liquidity and equity imbalance.”

But in addition, it underlines that the formation lacks sufficient assets to face the current debt, for which it indicates that the opening of a bankruptcy procedure would be “harmful” and “useless” to resolve the situation.

Thus, closes this administrative procedure and declares the company Unión, Progreso y Democracia terminated “With cancellation of its registration in the registry of political parties.” The training now has 20 days to appeal this decision.

UPyD Defense

Party sources have explained to Europa Press that UPyD resorted to bankruptcy to deal “in a more flexible way” with the debt opened with the former deputy Beatriz Becerra, who before occupying a position in the European Parliament exercised Communication responsibilities.

Despite the judge’s decision, from UPyD they trust in a prompt solution because the debt is not very bigthey say, and are “in the process of solving it.” The training assures that it has resorted to the bankruptcy administration to face this expense “after many attempts to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.”

“UPyD fully trusts the economic viability of its party and although it is a complex procedure, it is expected to move forward in the coming days,” he insists, not without assuring that he will continue to defend his initials convinced of his project “in these times of low-quality politics and populism”.

Cristiano Brown at the helm; Pagazaurtundua, in Europe

The training founded by Rosa Diez, among others, is now led by Cristiano Brown, who was part of the Citizens’ electoral lists in the last generals a year ago after an agreement between both parties. In fact, Brown would be the next candidate to occupy a seat in Congress if there were any losses among the representatives of Ciudadanos por Madrid.

In addition to some councilor in town halls, the maximum public exponent of UPyD is MEP Maite Pagazaurtundua, who is also in the European Parliament thanks to a pact in the last European elections with the party now led by Inés Arrimadas.

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