A lost ball, a crying girl and other unexpected ‘surprises’ of the Christmas Lottery



Throughout the more than 200 years that the Christmas lottery numerous anecdotes have been left to remember. From a girl who began to cry because of the nerves of an error on stage, a ball that is lost, a ‘Gordo’ award that is given by mistake in several administrations …

ABC does a historical review of the best anecdotes and unexpected ‘surprises’ of the Christmas Lottery.

A zero ruins an award

It was the year 1960, when a child from San Ildefonso made a mistake when singing the award of number 45,632. The young man said 7 million pesetas, when in reality it was 750,000. Due to an error of a zero to the right, some Valencians who carried that ticket were left without being millionaires.

1986, the most eventful year of the Christmas Lottery

That year neither El Gordo nor the second prize was sung correctly. The first girl sang 125,000 pesetas for the number 56,320, when in reality it was the second prize with 120 million pesetas.

The error caused the bead extraction to be suspended for a few minutes. Just a while later, another girl could not see the numbers on the ball well and called 25 million for 03,772, instead of the jackpot of 250 million pesetas.

A ball that is lost

“Damn, I dropped the ball on the floor,” a girl from San Ildefonso was heard saying. Apparently, the ball got out of hand and landed on one of the plants near the table. Instead, and fortunately for the young woman, the ball was found next to a poinsettia.

Un Gordo «fake»

A computer error on the Loterías del Estado website led to several prizes, including the Gordo, being awarded in 2012 to Lottery administrations in Teruel, Ávila, Burgos, Salamanca, Vitoria and Toledo.

The confusion was such that many approached the establishments to ask, with the blunt answer from the lotteries: “We haven’t given it.”

The award live

In 2013, a man from Tenerife who was at the Royal Theater was one of the winners of the second prize. The young Canarian bought the ticket at a gas station and when the number was sung, the girls went down to the seats to verify that it was real. The canary was escorted by security due to the great commotion that was formed.

This was not the only time an award was given live. In 2006 there was a young man who had two tenths of a second of eight fifths and next to him was the owner who had sold the second prize.

The girl cries and the nerves of the direct

The audience at the Teatro Real picked up a girl who got stuck singing the number 58,052. “It doesn’t come out,” he heard himself say. Shortly after, he began to cry. The young woman drank water and with the encouragement of the public she was able to continue with her work.

In that same edition, another girl also got stuck with the fourth table, although she chanted an “excuse me” and a nervous laugh and continued with the extraction of numbers. It should be noted that this same Gordo sang that year.

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