A man and two women arrested for a homicide committed at the beginning of the year in the Lucero neighborhood



Agents of the National Police have detained three people, one male and two female, as alleged perpetrators of the stabbing homicide of a male committed on January 15 in the Madrid neighborhood of Lucero, the first crime registered this year, has informed the Superior Headquarters of the Madrid Police in a press release.

The investigation began that same day, when the 091 room received an alert from a citizen who had found the lifeless body of a male on Calle Alhambra, in the Madrid district of Latina.

Samur-Civil Protection health workers treated the victim, who had two wounded on the left side and another two penetrating the abdomen. They carried out resuscitation maneuvers on the victim, but finally they had to confirm the death. At first this person, who was young, was unidentified and it was only known, according to some neighbors, which minutes prior to the homicide there was a violent argument between two or three individuals.

Citizen security officers traveled to the scene, cordoning off the scene of the murder until the arrival of agents from the Group of Violent Crimes of the Scientific Police and Group VI of Homicides, who were in charge of investigating the events.

During the first inquiries, the agents observed that the deceased had a total of 12 stab wounds to different parts of the body, the vast majority in the back area. Also at the scene, they verified that his mobile phone had been stolen and obtained data that would later incriminate those arrested.

Crime of passion

The steps taken by the investigators made it possible to determine the participation in the homicide of three people, two women and a man, who could be part of the victim’s close environment and that the crime could have been carried out by various romantic relationships between those involved in crime.

The steps taken by the agents allowed a citizen security patrol in the district of Carabanchel arrest the male implicated in the events and that the investigators subsequently detain the two women who participated in the crime.

Then the agents carried out searches in the homes of the arrested man and in which the two women were residing. After the arrest of those arrested, the dictated his admission to prison.

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