A man pulls out a simulated gun to demand that the music be turned down at a feminist event in Castellón




a man pulled out a dummy gun to demand that the music be turned down in a feminist act which was held on Saturday night in the Plaza Isabel La Católica de Castellón. The Local Police of the city has identified the man.

The events occurred around 10:05 p.m. on Saturday night, when the 092 Municipal Comprehensive Center for Security and Emergencies (CIMSE) received several calls warning of an altercation in that square in which a man was causing disorder and wielded a firearm, which turned out to be a toy, as a threat.

Several teams from the Castelló Local Police were mobilized to the place, whose agents observed that there were few people in the square. One of them approached them and explained that minutes before a man had taken a gun and had threatened to those present for saying that they caused noise disturbances.

Witnesses stated that a man had threatened several people because the acts “were causing neighborhood noise nuisance” and demanded that the volume of the music be lowered.

They also gave the officers a toy gun that the man was carrying and that he left it in the square when “when they saw that people jumped on him, he ran away with a minor in the direction of Calle San Félix ”, according to the same sources.

While the agents are collecting data, the CIMSE received a call from a man indicating that he was at his home and that “he was afraid to go down to the street since he is being threatened by others due to an incident that he has starred in Plaza Isabel Catholic”.

The agents found out that this person who called CIMSE was the author of the alleged threats with the simulated weapon, so they proceeded to identify her now. initiate prevention proceedings in case the acts carried out constitute a crime.

The man acknowledged that “he was with his youngest son in the square and that the origin of the dispute is that he asked the organizers to turn down the music since they were causing annoyances due to the noise of the musical audition and they responded rudely ».

The act that was taking place in the Plaza Isabel La Católica had municipal authorization to take place and it was about conference on feminism, authorized from ten in the morning until midnight in which the established Covid-19 security measures had to be kept and in which talks were to be given and there were musical auditions.

At the time of the police intervention there were about twenty people and said security measures were respected to avoid contagion, according to the same sources.

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