A message in a bottle crosses the Atlantic Ocean and travels from the United States to the Azores

Corresponsal than Lisbon



«A year has passed since I wrote the note (…) I send an SOS to the world. I hope someone finds my message in a bottle, ”says one of Sting’s most famous songs when he was leading the group The Police. And now the story comes true in the Portuguese archipelago of Las Azores, where the young Christian Santos could not believe when he crouched on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean to collect … oh! what is that, yeah, it’s a bottle made of transparent plastic containing a message inside.

The musical fiction of the British trio was based on the story of a castaway and today, however, everything remains between kids: the one who wrote, at 13, the words that culminate with the email address [email protected] and the one who finds himself face to face with the discovery 17 years.

The sender, Sean, is known to have captured his simple message more than three years ago on the coast of Rhode Island, an American state located below Boston, curiously the city in the United States with the most air connections from Ponta Delgada, one of the three capitals of the Azores (along with Horta and Angra do Heroísmo).

Almost 4,000 kilometers of distance traveled the container floating on the waters, at the mercy of the currents and storms, one of the hallmarks of the group of nine islands, located 1,500 kilometers from Lisbon.

The accidental addressee undid the mess: “I took the bottle, looked inside and saw a piece of paper. So I thought it would be interesting to show it to my mother, Molly.

Chance made Christian know perfectly the American lands origin of the unusual shipment. Yes, because I had been residing in Massachusetts before settling on Azorean soil, where the volcanic soil is free and there are springs that offer natural carbonic water.

“I am 13 years old and today is Thanksgiving Day. I am from Vermont and I am visiting my family in Rhode Island. If someone finds this message, please contact me “, it says on the slip. And immediately Molly Santos made the decision to to write to the email adjunto.

Message contained in the bottle
Message contained in the bottle – ABC

However, they got no response. Time passed and no one appeared on the horizon … until the social media speed made the media fuse light and a person from Vermont found the young man on Facebook.

Sean could barely hide his surprise. «My first reaction was disbelief because I had already forgotten that I sent this message and three long years have passed.

The fact is that between him and Christian a friendship because they promise to keep in touch. It’s the random stuff, while Sting’s voice plays ‘Message in a bottle’ over and over again.

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