A minor sentenced in Valladolid for sexual abuse of another minor after a party by his team




The Juvenile Court of Valladolid has cconvicted a 16-year-old for a crime of sexual abuse of a 17-year-old minor, both members of the same sports team, after a dinner in which all its members participated, according to sources of the case informed Ep.

The party took place last February at the home of one of the team members and at the end of it the victim and the now convicted man decided to stay and spend the night since they had a great friendship from a very young age.

It was well into the morning when the victim, who shared a bed with the condemned man, began to be touched, and this despite the refusal of the girl who not only verbalized but also expressed with tears.

The juvenile judge, according to what was declared by both parties in the trial, assumes that theThe accused ignored the pleas and refusal of the also minor and had full sexual relations with her.

Crumbles before the coach

Although she initially did not want to tell her parents anything, the latter found out what happened a day later when the team coach called them after the girl broke down and relate the episode suffered in one of the training sessions.

Well, this account of events is considered proven by the judge and condemns the minor as the author of a crime of sexual abuse and imposes the obligation to stay for four weekends in a center, along with eight months of socio-educational tasks with content in affective-sexual education and development of empathy, the prohibition to approach within a hundred meters of her person, her home, place of studies or training or any place where she may be, in addition to not being able to communicate with her by any means, and all this for a period of eighteen months.

The ruling takes into account that the residence of the convicted person and that of the victim are opposite each other, so that such prohibition will only be without effect so that he can access or leave his own home.

Along with the conviction of the minor as directly responsible, his parents, as jointly responsible, must face the payment of 1,500 euros in favor of the minor as civil liability for damages caused.

Although the convicted person has maintained at all times that the relationship was fully consensual, the judge finally gives “greater credibility” to the complainant both because of the firmness in her account of what happened and because of the fact that the two were close friends since childhood. “So apparently the minor had no reason to lie with the intention of harming the accused”.

To this she adds the content of the different whatsapp sent to friends in whom she maintains that she did not consent and that she made it known clearly. “That is, he told all of them the same version.”, concludes the judge in his sentence against which there is an appeal before the Provincial Court.

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