A pact between Cs and the left evicts the PP from the Mayor’s Office of El Escorial after 14 years




The waters descend churning through the municipality of El Escorial, with a tension that is concentrated between the four walls of the plenary hall of the City Council. A pact reached between the left and Citizens (Cs) this Thursday will allow the Socialists to evict the Popular Party (PP) from the Mayor’s Office and snatch, after 14 years, the baton from Antonio Vicente Rubio by means of a motion of censure. The agreement will be voted on tomorrow, at 12 noon, and the forces that until now occupied the seats of the opposition have the most necessary to achieve its objective, if no last minute movement remedies it.

The pact was closed during the holidays, after Marta de la Vera Arias – the only mayor that Cs has in the town and who was previously part of the Government team still – joined the Socialist Party and United El Escorial (confluence of Podemos , Izquierda Unida and Now El Escorial). “It is extremely necessary to put an end to fourteen consecutive years of government of the PP,” said the three groups after registering the motion of censure, on September 1. Together they add up to nine councilors and reach the absolute majority of the City Council, which is situated in 17 representatives. The only party that ruled out adhering to the text was Vox.

The agreement includes converting the general secretary and municipal spokesman of the Socialists, Cristian Martin Palomo, in the new mayor of the Coalition Executive, in which United El Escorial (UEE) will also reach positions of great responsibility. «The nine signatory councilors have worked together. We are finalizing the fringes of the coalition program and, although we do not have all the certainties until the vote is carried out, we are very hopeful “, explains to ABC Martín Palomo, hours before entering what will foreseeably be his last plenary session as leader of the opposition.

«We have been working on an agreement for a month and a half, which includes what will be our political program and, in addition, a ethical code reached with Podemos ”, remarks the socialist, underlining that the councilors they will be distributed “fairly” to those elected from each group: five are from the PSOE and three from UEE.

«What has been in El Escorial is fourteen years of a government that has weighed down the municipal public services, especially with regard to cleanliness, security and attention to the population centers furthest from the urban area. To this must be added the lack of transparency and citizen participation that the PP has shown, ”Martín Palomo quotes about the reasons that led him to present the motion of censure. This newspaper yesterday contacted the PP in the town, which refused to make any statements.

His Government, which will last 20 months until the next elections are held, will give weight “to citizen participation, communication and knowledge management and to environment and waste management ”, says the spokesperson. «We will work passionately in equality, feminism, social welfare and work and leisure opportunities, especially towards the youths, what do they feel abandoned for a long time », Martín Palomo ditch.

Personal decision

The key to this initiative has been Marta de la Vera Arias, the wayward mayor of Cs. Two years ago, when the PP was the most voted party in the elections but without an absolute majority, she raised Vicente Rubio to the Mayor’s Office and became part of her team as head of the areas of Human Resources, Security, Traffic, Transportation , Health and Consumption. But in February he changed his mind and decided to leave the Executive for «differences of criteria ”. It has only taken him seven months to join the left, although this time he is not expected to occupy any council.

The orange formation has wanted to distance itself from the decision of its representative and has ensured that “it has no significance beyond the municipal scope.” «The pacts we have with the PP are totally stable. Marta de la Vera has not had the endorsement of the party, it has been a purely personal decision promoted by personal disagreements “, said Begoña Villacís, vice mayor of the capital and coordinator of the regional committee:” We have not only disavowed this movement, we have not only communicated that we do not agree, but that a proceedings».

The change of color in the Northwest Consistory of the region comes just a week after Cs and PSOE signed an agreement to govern jointly in Leganes, allowing access to the Executive to three councilors of the oranges, who have also achieved the Vice Mayor. The Socialists, led by Santiago Llorente, were in the minority after breaking the coalition with Más Madrid-Leganemos due to internal problems that arose as a result of a complaint of gender violence between party colleagues.

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