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The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Directorate General of the Book and Promotion of Reading, has scheduled a cycle of master classes under the title of “The vision of authors and authors” by writers in the network of public libraries of the State. It consists of 25 classes with a face-to-face audience and streaming broadcast of the online seminar «From creation to the bookstore. How a writer is made and how a writer works in Spain », which started on November 2 and that proposes an overview of the complete process that encompasses literary creation, from the moment the idea is conceived until the books reach the point of sale.

By Castilla-La Mancha has been chosen to offer one of these master classes the poet and writer from Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), Pedro Antonio González Moreno, which will intervene on December 15 at the Guadalajara Public Library.

Bernardo Atxaga, Carme Riera, Antonio Rivero Taravillo, Dolors Udina, César Mallorquí, Domingo Villar, María Alonso Seisdedos, Susana Martín Gijón, Andrés Pascual, Carlos Alcorta, Jon Arretxe, Susana Rodríguez Lezaun, Ignacio del Valle, Raquel also participate in the program. Lanseros, Kirmen Uribe, Paco Roca, Noemí González Sabugal, Lola López Mondéjar, Sabas Martín, José Carlos Llop, Antón Castro, María Jesús Fuentes, Ruth Vilar and Xavier Aliaga. All of them must tell their personal experience in the world of literature.

In statements to ABC, Pedro Antonio González Moreno has indicated that «For me, the best training workshop for writers is literature itself, and your own experience that life gives you. You learn to write by reading and writing. And that can be achieved alone or advised by teachers or experts. But the main source of learning about literature is in literature itself.

González Moreno began to write at the age of 12, poetry and prose at the same time. «At the age of 15 I had already written a complete notebook with a hundred poems and also two autograph novels, of more than 200 pages, which I still have. And the only workshop in which I wrote, back in my teens, was the camera in my town house. He did not even write on a table, but on an old ark, which years later I remembered in a poem in my book ‘The noise of the sap’, the poem entitled precisely ‘The ark’ ».

Another essential “workshop” for this poet and writer was «The immense library that was then in my town, where I read everything, poetry and prose, and where truly I learned and conceived the dream of being a writer. In addition, I was a librarian there for two summers (between the ages of 15 and 16), and that was my first paid job, a job that somehow was the announcement that my destiny would be to always be in contact with books.

Pedro A. González Moreno was born in 1960 in Calzada de Calatrava, he has a degree in Hispanic Philology and a professor of Language and Literature. Between 1987 and 1999, he directed the Gerardo Diego de Pozuelo de Alarcón Literary Classroom. He has published six books of poetry, among which stand out Calendar of Shadows («Tiflos» award), Visor, 2005; Shelves without owner (“Alfonso el Magnánimo” Award), Hiperión, 2010 and The noise of the savia (“José Hierro” Award), 2013. As essayist He is the author of the books Approach to La Mancha poetry (BAM, Diputación de C. Real, 1988), and La Musa a la deriva (2016) essay award «Fray Luis de León», from Valladolid.

His work narrative includes The broken bridges (IX Prize «Río Manzanares de novela»), Calambur, 2007, the travel book Beyond the plain, BAM, 2009 and 2013, the youth novel The Lava Statue (Nostrum, 2014) and The Woman of the ladder (Siruela, 2018), Prize «Café Gijón de novela.

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